Titulo: El viaje de un cuervo

Genero: Ciencia Ficcion

Resumen: La historia de un cuervo que devora recuerdos comiendo los ojos de sus victimas


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Title: The Roman Project: The Wronged

Username: @Tatyanaowen

Summary: Jeen and Roman are being hunted. What started as a search to find their mother became a fight for survival against a radical group that’s kidnapped them. But when a peculiar stranger helps them, they end up with more questions than answers.
Why where they kidnapped? Did this have to do with their mother?
Did they know her as well as they thought?

They’re on the run, and danger is not the only thing that follows them. Whispers of a secret project becomes known, scaring Jeen and her brother and making them question everything they once knew. Just how much had their mother hidden from them and can they save her before it’s too late? Or will the secrets of the past overwhelm them?

Genre: mystery/thriller


Done! Please do the same😊


Title: Simple Days

Username: mclainemoran

Summary: Emily Demott was born before The Great End, the war that made the world stand still. Her parents nearly escaped the consequences of the doomsday bombs, hiding away in remote areas of the inner east coast. As the world works to rebuild from the rubble, strange communities have begun to form. Rumors spread of Safe Haven, a location for children to find refuge, but is there something more sinister going on? After Emily’s brother goes missing, she works to do everything in her power to get him back, even if that means venturing into the great unknown and leaving the rest of her family behind.

Genre: Science Fiction


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I’ll be honest. I decided to go ahead and read your work despite not getting an answer quite yet. Gotta let you know I will probably finish it tomorrow despite if you declined mine. I’m too invested in destroying allys hoe ass.

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Title, link: The Last Woman on Earth
Description: A long time ago, there was a type of human existed in this world, and they were called ‘women’. Our generation will never know what happened. None of the remaining public documents mention why ‘women’ have gone extinct, and it seems the people of later generations have done so deliberately. And I found a so-called last of their kind.

(For context: the story is set in 1990s Russia)
Genre: Scifi, Dystopia, War novel

If you accept I’ll get to payment, thank you!


Done. Thanks!:heart:


Done! Thanks!






Title: Velvet Garden
Description: Ash is an angel destined to kill the Devil. When she finally leaves heaven in search of him, nothing goes as planned. The Devil hides in plain sight and plagues everything Ash pursues.
Genre: Fantasy
# of chapters: 1


Title: A Life Less Average

Username: em-leigh

Summary: Poppy Jameson has lived her life as an average. An average student. An average daughter. She isn’t the favourite child, or the best student, and she has never been in a relationship. She doesn’t want to fit in, but she doesn’t want to stand out. She just wants to fly under the radar until high school is over. And she’s almost there. That is, until she starts to fail biology and she’s put into the school’s tutoring programme. It’s there that she meets Lewis Fletcher, the captain of the school’s football team, and smartest guy in school.

They spend every Monday afternoon together and it isn’t long until Poppy realises that she’s been missing out. That she’s spent her entire high school career hating high school traditions when she should have been enjoying them.

Genre: Teen Fiction, Romance



Title: The Pineapple Fountain

Username: kkjhunter8

Summary: The story of a college graduate who decides that there is more to life than just living after an accident almost kills her. Mia decides to take risks and drop everything, including her family, her friends, and her boyfriend to pursue the life full of excitement she has been craving. Mia’s adventures take her on a trip full of self-love and growth. But is this fantasized life worth the sacrifices she has made? After months of meeting new people and experiencing all life has to offer, Mia must choose between the life she has always wanted and the life she has always had.

Genre: New Adult (adventure/romance)


Title: A Sea of Lies
Username: @KingEmpo

The darkness consumed everything. The stars. The moon. The sun. All that was left was the moonless midnight.
~ Anonymous

It has been 995 years since the Moonless Midnight and the darkness is slowly seeping out as the Great Blue rises, deep cerulean consuming all. The Six Realms are shattered, fighting a brutal war even as a great evil looms, darkness blossoming.

From the tropics of Rafulandia to the deserts of Weynramal to the cityscapes of Castleheart, this epic fantasy told from different perspectives follows the journeys of many characters, from rebels to queens, as they navigate the changing world; facing death, loss, and a sea of lies.

Genre: Fantasy

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