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I’m sorry, but

You mention that your book is Contemporary Romance, and I have a personal dislike of romance stories. You are denied




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Name: @universallyakward

Book title: In The End

Genre(s): fantasy (/and a little sci-fi)

Summary: Years after the shadow planet of our galaxy was destroyed, after the war and the scientists were finally able to remove all the genetic traces of the dangerous houses. Leila struggles daily knowing she has to live up to her family’s standards -a common high house- but Leila has always been different in all sorts of ways, yet she would have never guessed how fast her world would fall apart…Leila’s different and with the secret she’s hiding there’s no denying her true power ,but her difference isn’t accepted among the planets. Her difference is danger, and the last thing Leila wants is to be different. Leila’s choices could be the end of everything, but they could also be the beginning

Size of chapters: 2 chapters are roughly 1200 words and 1 chapter is about 440 words (these are the ones i have published so far)

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/170997597-in-the-end


I’m sorry, but you are denied. After reading a bit of your first chapter, I do have a few tips, though :slight_smile:

‘I’ is always capitalized. Always. This is because the English are convinced that ‘I’ is the most important word in their vocabulary

Avoid bold and italics. They destroy immersion if used wrongly. Italics are only used for thoughts, telepathy, and very occasionally for emphasis. Bold is practically never used.

Never write like this: “F I N A L L Y!”. Only one capital per sentence - the first word (excluding I, names, and titles). Same goes for the ‘NOT’, ‘UUUUGHH’, and other words.

Never use ‘!!’. Exclamation marks are always just one, and they should be used only once every few hundred words (depending on the scene).

And be careful with casual mentions of suicide. It can trigger people.

If you need any more help with dialogue, commas, and words such as its and it’s, you are free to check out my grammar book :slight_smile:



Name: @Lorena_Slowaki

Book Title: College World

Genre: Fantasy

Summary: “I took everything from them. They had dreams and even that I took it, I didn’t even allow them to dream. And I felt bad about that, I wanted them to achieves their dreams but now that they can. I just can’t leave them do it because I want them in my life. I want them by my side, I need them, that why I never felt guilty for taking everything from them from the beginning. I just said that to have a good image as a leader, in fact, I was happy that they could abandon everything for me but I could never do the same thing. That why, I am going to take them back, I won’t leave them unless they said to my face that they don’t want to be by my side. So I am sorry, you who are their family, but I am going to them back in our world. Once again.”


“And don’t interfere, that an order.”

Size of chapters: Prologue(300 words) + 2 Chapters, around 900-1000 words each

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/145068155-college-world

Thank you :blush::blush::blush:


What exactly is the book about? Your summary is a piece of dialogue and doesn’t tell much about the plot - except that one of the speaker is a leader of some sorts and takes people’s dreams. People like knowing things about who the characters are, a bit of their background and a bit of the problems they face in the book


The book is about reincarnation, a boy had weird dreams about a place and people he didn’t know. Strange thing kept happening to him until he met someone that had the same name as the girl in his dream.

Is it better?


okay thank you


Name: @VanillaaJuliaa
Book title: Rosevelt
Genre(s): Vampire
Summary: When Kira Rosevelt discovers the truth about herself, she goes on a search to find her vampire father and discover the truth, while becoming intertwined with a somewhat suspicious man.

Furthermore she becomes involved with The Sphere of Gaia, a sphere that holds a dangerous secret.

Maybe the world is more complicated
than she thought.

Size of chapters: 1-2k (I think some chapters are above 2k but under 3k)
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/myworks/98878993-rosevelt-


Hi, if you want to take my story “The End Times Time Travelers” off hold that’s fine. Either way is fine by me.


You want it done?


So your story is roughly 2,100~ words long?


A small heads up: your link doesn’t work

How many of your chapters would equal 5k words? As they seem to range in size a lot


Yes, but no rush. If you don’t get to it until mid January, it’s fine. Seriously


I think so for now, but after edit it should be longer. Is that not good?


Nope, just checking :slight_smile:

Would you be willing to read the first two chapters of my story The Alpha’s Flame (2,000 words) for your prologue + 2 chapters?


Sure, I will do it now but I have to tell you that I am not a professional critic :sweat_smile:


I’m far from professional too, don’t worry :slight_smile:


And then the queue was suddenly at 4/5… Oh boy, this means I need to do things soon xP