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Did Bad Boy Mage this evening. I’ll do the other one in the morning. Are you sure that this all equals 5k. Those first 3 chapters felt like it might have hit the mark or close to it.


Was it truly that awful to read? Let me check the actual word count

You read the sneak preview instead of the first chapter, so that one was roughly 300-350 words, excluding A/N.
Chapter one: 1100 words
Chapter two: 1050

If 2450 words felt like 5000, I’m obviously doing something very wrong

The first chapter of The Alpha’s Flame is 1070 words, and the second 1175, which would makes 2245.

2450+2245=2695 words in total (because you read the sneak preview instead of the actual chapter)


I sent you a PM. I hope that’s okay.


I did my thing :slight_smile: It looks like you have some issues with grammar and sentence structures, though. I haven’t gone over sentence structures, but comma stuff is covered in my grammar book. If google is too confusing, you can always look there.


I would love some feedback on my book (if you enjoy reading it, feel free to keep on reading!)

Name: jgrace2197
Book title: The Legend of the Moonflower Princess
Genre(s): Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, High Fantasy
Summary: Sahara is a young woman living in the kingdom of Dasos, a ward to the royal family and foster sister to the young prince Nashoba. Found in the woods with her grandmother years ago, she is shunned by others for her poor origin, scarlet red hair, and a scar that most believe to be a consequence of witchcraft. While she longs to forgo the loneliness that never seems to leave her heart, she is resigned to live out the rest of her life in unhappiness and solitude. However, when Nashoba is abruptly kidnapped by shadow-like creatures and a mysterious branded woman, she throws aside her fears in a momentousness decision to follow her brother’s abductors. Suddenly thrust into an enchanting and spectacular world, Sahara must overcome her own insecurities and trust in herself and others to save her brother from a horrendous fate.
Size of chapters: 6,000-14,000 ( I know, I write a lot :laughing: )
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/659085416-the-legend-of-the-moonflower-princess-where-the


6-14k words per chapter? You know that the absolute recommended tops is 3, and never cross 5? Wattpad chapters are meant to be 1-2.5k words. You could best split them up every 2k words. It’d make it easier on readers and on you :slight_smile:

How big is your first chapter?


My first chapter is between 6,000-8,000 words. I know that’s not for everyone, but that’s just my writing style :grin:


You can see the exact wordcount in Wattpad itself

8,000 is a lot more than I bargained for with my 5k for 5k… Oof


Sorry about that, but I assure you it’s worth it. I drew inspiration from anime, the Lord of the Rings, and the works of Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, etc.)


Well then… ~8,000 words, you said?




Thank you for your help! Yes, I will try to fix it as much as I can. I will check your book then. Thank you for the suggestion :hugs:


Please read carefully :stuck_out_tongue: you’re now going through the “don’t do this” list. The stuff with explanations above is how it should be done


No problem, I have read it carefully. I just didn’t know what to comment at that time. :sweat:


Name: @mommaOf_3
Book title: The End is Just the Beginning
Genre: werewolf/vampire
Summery (well what I use in my description): Get out. That’s all Graceson could think. You have to go; no one is coming to save you. As she was dragging herself down the blood soaked high school hallway she heard someone talking.

“Did you get them all?”

“Yeah the wolves are dead.”

You have to move quickly. They’ll know. Slowly she pulled herself to her knees. The silver dagger wedged in her stomach barely hovered above the tiles on the ground. Then she heard it. The footsteps walking towards her. She tried to move quickly but the pain was too much to bare.

“Well, well, well what do we have here?”

“Please just leave me alone!” Graceson wailed out.

“I think I’ll have a little fun first,” with lightening speed the man flipped her over on her back and ripped her clothes off, and just before he did the unthinkable another voice spoke loudly.

Size of chapters: currently I only have 2 chapters posted but if you’ll read those I’ll read 4 of yours plus leave comments. Of course if I enjoy yours I’ll continue reading :slight_smile:
link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/173048658-the-end-is-just-the-beginning


The size means the amount of words per chapter, not the amount of chapters :wink:


I know hun, but with my chapters being so small I wanted to strike a deal that would be better for you. I can get the word count for you but its no where near 1,000. plus if I only read one of your chapters I don’t feel like I’d get enough of the plot and love of the story to give you my honest opinion. :slight_smile:


Oh and um… how far does this go?


Also while I was reading your rules I saw your fear of sexual content/kissing. What is stated in my description is as close to sex/kissing that my story has at this moment. I know it seems like there is some in there but there isn’t… yet.

Sidenote: I know chapter 2 sucks, but I can’t figure out my transition and am looking for feedback.


Just that. there isn’t another mention of it