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Fair enough. Would you be willing to read The Alpha’s Flame in return? Only three chapters are up so far


Yes. I’ll read all 3 chapters and leave lots of comments for you :slightly_smiling_face:


Done! I absolutely loved where this was going. There was a few small things that kinda had me guessing as I pointed out in the comments, but all in all it’s a wonderful story and I can’t wait to read more as soon as you update!


You were so quick o.o

I will take a look at your story in the morning :slight_smile: It’s currently 00:22 at night, so I don’t have my laptop on me


That’s fine dear. and yes my toddler is at her dads house so I don’t have much to do :grimacing:


@mommaOf_3 There you go ^-^ I will be spamming you some more as I reply to your comments on me. You might want to google English grammar rules on commas, though, or take a look at my grammar book. You seem to make the same error. Once you find that error, things are easily fixed


@Azmavath does that comment mean you wanted to do a read4read or that you didn’t but decided to take a look regardless?


I would love to.


All the information and such is in the first post :slight_smile:


I wrote and used commas as my college writing teacher taught us. I’ll take a look into it. Thanks!




I would love a read for read, comment for comment!

Title: Sympathy for the Devil

Genre: Fantasy/ Teen fiction

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/myworks/139437833-sympathy-for-the-devil

Rough word count: 3000 words per chapter

Synopsis: Ankou is an arrogant asshole that believed he was better than everyone in his land. That was until his arrogant ways got the better of him and made a bet he could not win. It had cost Ankou his life as well as his sister’s and anyone who had the misfortune of touching Ankou. He was cursed to live forever and to take the souls of the dead for eternity.

Rowan Heart thought she was lucky enough to be able to get permission from her professor, Mr. Brenner to go night shooting in Dublin. Some of her advanced mythology class took a trip to Dublin to learn more about Irish culture. Instead of going to a party, Rowan makes her way towards these enchanted woods to photograph and capture every engraved detail in the trees. What she had not known was that she was touched with the mark of death, destined to die at noon the following day. To stop her destined course of death, she will have to give up her soul to do Ankou’s bidding or accept her already doomed fate.


It sounds pretty awesome, although you forgot to add the rough word count per chapter :wink:


I added it, thanks for letting me know!


3.000 per? Alright

Would you be willing to read 6 chapters of mine (3 of The Alpha’s Flame and 3 of The Bad Boy Mage), and I read two chapters of yours in return? My chapters are only 1.000 words


yes, that sounds perfect. Did you want comments on each of your chapters and you leave comments on mine as well?


It depends on what you want. I comment roughly as much as you comment on me (I always comment about as much or more)


okay, sounds perfect, I’ll add both stories to my reading lists and read them and leave comments as well.


I finished and commented three chapters of each of your stories


Woah, you went absolutely crazy. I’ll get right on it