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Just to be sure, is your prologue 3,000 too?


My prologue is a little over 1000


Ah, then I might as well do that one too


That would be great! Thank you!



There you go :smiley: It looks like you have some serious issues with dialogue and commas, though. You might want to google English grammar, or take a look at my grammar book, as I go over dialogue and commas in detail there


@FieryArtemis @SpeakWhenItRains

Both of you have not completed payment and it’s been a week (or longer). My queue is now empty, if you still want


Yeah, thanks so much for the feedback!! I am definitely going to do heavy revisions and edits to make the story more appealing to new readers!


Go ahead and take me off please. Thank you for being patient and giving me more than an ample chance. Unfortunately, life got really busy for me this week and this weekend is looking super crazy as well.


Completely off or just on the on hold list?


There’s a hold list???

Can you put me on the hold list? I’ll figure out my life/get it back on track soon!


You actually are already on the hold list with the other person I tagged. I figured it was about time to let you know you were on there


Thanks I appreciate it! I meant to get it done a lot sooner.


Nah, take your time. There’s no hurry. My agenda is free for the next few months


Well, I actually just split my first chapter into two so it’s around 4,000ish words


Would you be okay with reading the first three chapters of The Alpha’s Flame (~3.000 words) in return for your first chapter? You get the better end of it :stuck_out_tongue:


payment completed


There you go




And one more