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Name: KirstenKaitlinSetty
Book title: Unity
Genre(s): Fantasy
Summary: Lines are there for a reason: the same with rules. They are not meant to be crossed or broken. Rafe Walsh, the harsh Commander of the Huntsmen, knows this and dictates his life by strict order. He broke the law once, years ago, and the suffering the decision brought has been felt by, not only Rafe, but his daughter, Saydee, as well. She is half Jade, a group of slaves conquered by the old king and held in captivity to serve and die at the whims of their masters.
Sympathetic to their cause, king Dominic’s wife’s sister, Thea, led a failed revolt years ago for which she was imprisoned. Released, but eager to revive the old rebellion, Thea seeks the assistance of the charismatic Lord Dante Larkin. Together, they devise a plan to get the famous gladiator known as the Tormentor to join their cause. Dante believes the man could inspire a revolution. The Tormentor, however, may have his own reasons for remaining ensalved.
As old legends emerge from the shadows, Jades as well as the royal family, are caught up in the coming war, but some clashes are not destined to be fought on the battlefield. When the carefully structured lines become blurred, an explosion of passion and danger sends the entire land into a brutal conflict. As the rebellion blazes across the realm, two distinct sides begin to emerge. In the end, both will face hardship, betrayal, and ultimately, war. And the end, it seems, will not come quietly…
Size of chapters: 3000 to 4000 average words per chapter (long I know compared to most) :joy:
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/163642192-unity


Hello! How long is your first chapter?


Hey there!
Our first chapter is about 3500 words :joy:
I know, a lot longer than you’d specified, but if you can just do the one then that’s no big deal. We’re really interested in knowing if the first part draws people in anyhow. It’s called The Gilded Rite.
Thanks so much!


Hello, I have a book that I’ve been writing to spread awareness on depression and anxiety. It’s a first person story of a boy living in the Apocalypse and struggles with disconnection from humanity and when finally meeting others he begins to display social anxiety and depression. I am hoping this can relate to many people and that it can make others feel understood at least to an extent. Please let me know what you think about my emotional depth in my select three chapters. Feel free to read my story and give me your own opinion on my plot development and character build. Or I can give you a full synopsis of my story including spoilers for what I have planned for my ending.

These chapters depict the turning point in my main character who is attempting suicide. Please let me know how you felt reading this and if it is good in your perspective.

Title: Post-Apocalyptic Paradise

Chapters: 37, 38, 39.

Chapter sizes: between 900-1,100 words

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/465936835-post-apocalyptic-paradise-chapter-thirty-seven


We? O.o

And how about your first chapter for my first three? That’s about even


Hello! I’m actually depressed and suicidal myself, and fear that reading this might be a trigger. On top of that, my only strong point is grammar - people actually comment a lot on my lack of emotion in writing.

Is it possible to simply read the first four-five chapters?


That seems fair. Yes, we, as we are twin sisters who write together. :rofl:
It’s actually really fun!


Ohh, together? I hope you don’t get into fights a lot


We do sometimes. Gotta keep things interesting, ya know?
Generally, we get along really well, honestly. We’re very similar.


It must be kind of cool to have each other to bounce ideas off of. Double the imagination and brain power :stuck_out_tongue:


But of course! :grin:


Do you want us to read a specific book of yours or just choose one of the two mentioned in the first thread above?


Preferably The Alpha’s Flame, as that’s the one I’m really working on. One more update and I can remove the Bad Boy one from the list here :slight_smile:


Got it!


yes thats fine, but in chapter 39 in does get much better. Its sort of an experience for my readers to be put in his shoes and then to feel how it does to recover


It teaches people to realize that it just takes that one person to save a life, it takes someone to care


And it might just send me off the deep end. I’d prefer not to.


aw no, its okay. Yeah maybe itll be easier for you to just start slow in the beginning chapters, and if you dont feel comfortable later on then theres no pressure to continue reading :frowning:


We’ll get into your story. May be later tonight after work, but I will definetly look at those chapters! Thanks!