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Name: Blackdiamond190
Book title: Royal Betrayal
Genre: Historical Fiction
What do you do when your the only hope of helping your family out one of the biggest scandal of the season.

Josoline Prescott has just found herself in her second season since she had went rogue on the first. On her return her father greets her with some shocking news.

Now in the midst of it all she finds herself in a ball gown surrounded by debutants ,royalty and many more titled pupils.

How will this free spirited ambitious young woman find away out of love, betrayal, romance, royalty and rivals when her only challenge is to come out on top for the sake of her family …

Size of chapter : 1-4 =4953 words and so on……

this is my first real completed story… kind of shy about writing but I would like the feed back


Sadly, I only do

However, I can help you in another way :slight_smile: I see in your blurb/summary you have some issues with grammar and spelling, and I have just the thing for that. If all things go to plan, tomorrow the chapter explaining your/you’re and other words like that goes up. I think you could do with that

There’s plenty other reviewers who do read Historical Fiction, so you can take a look in the other threads here ^-^


thanks loadsssssss:)




Ignore this random counting


3200 words so far


@wandering1234 There we go, I did my part :slight_smile: It looks like you have a lot of issues with grammar, spelling, dialogue, and punctuation, though. If you need help, you can look at my grammar book, as the majority of your problems is explained in there - although I have left explanations and reasons in the comments, too


Oh boy, you are in for a treat. Please don’t focus on the grammar because that has already been pointed out to me several times and currently editing it properly. (I’ve also added your grammar book to my library because I’m studying to be better hehe)

I wish you would comment more on the flow of the story and how the world building is and stuff like that.

Name: GeeGeeIsNoOne
Book title: The First Of Her Name (Current title is Queen: A Werewolf Story. Will be updated along with the upload of a new cover and new part of Chapter 3)
Genre(s): Werewolf, Fantasy
Nineteen-year-old Jillian Mortier was someone who cared a lot but wasn’t good at showing she did. She had an image-- a certain expectation, of how her life would go. And before her older brother’s Alpha Trial, she was fine. She trained hard and kept mostly to her family and friends. But afterward? She had weird dreams-- nightmares. The need to protect her family was overwhelming and the desperation to prepare for an attack increased. As their pack life continued, all her preparation turned into ash as nothing could’ve prepared her for what happens next.
Size of chapters: My book is roughly 2.5k-3k words each chapter and the prologue is almost 5k.
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/652374985-queen-a-werewolf-story-prologue


Name: cayla1901

Book title: Wings Of Flame

Genre(s): Futuristic, kind of sci-fi, but you`ll have to decide

Summary: Clea finds herself imprisoned in a world where her people are seen as nothing more than slaves. Everyone seem to have accepted this life of misery and despair and keeps stumbling along their dark life paths, terrified of stepping out of place. Clea wants to make a change. She holds fast to the hope that someday, the light will overcome this dark world and everything will turn around. But is she strong enough to make that change? She didn’t think so, until something happened that had consequences bigger than she could ever imagine.

Size of chapters: The rough amount of words I only have one chapter which is 2365 words long…

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/myworks/144951592-wings-of-flame

Please let me know what you think


Do you want me to do the first two chapters or the prologue?


Hm… considering you only have 2.3k words, your first chapter against my first two?


Actually, my chapter 1 is cut up to three parts. That’s a total of 6k words. You okay with that?


I hate grammar!!!

I will check out your grammar book!

Although I am not great at it.

What general tips can you give me how to improve grammar?


Perfect. I`ll get started then :grinning:


Ehhr… well all my general tips are in there xP they’re with examples and everything

As for the spelling errors, Grammarly is good. Don’t trust it one bit when it comes to punctuation, though


Yeah that’s good. Are you willing to brave the Dreaded Chapter Six?


You will probably see me on capslock commenting.


Why on caps?


I’ve already been commenting?


If something just happens, I’d probably be on caps.