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vbfywubsd9vge9bfu IT HAD TO HAPPEN

All for the cliché… All in the name of the cliché…


Did he have to be a pervert? I’m not complaining but he was already an asshole… xD


Yes, actually. He’s supposed to be that hella abusive guy - but it’s okay because he’s hot


No what the fuuck. He better not end up with ma girl Abigail or there will be hell to pay.


I will not tell you to read on to find out as that’s technically advertising, but… shrugs who knows?


I’m already in chapter 10, gurl. I will definitely read on.


Ah, then you will soon find out the better guy :slight_smile:


You mean, ma boiiii Victor?


Oh hell yeah. You like him?


Of course I like him!!! Victor is love. Victor is life!!! Victor is best boiii


Victor is the bestest boi


And he gave her food the first time they met, hell yes he’s the bestest boi!


Food <3

Giving cats food will make them like you - same goes for girls


Hell yes! Please tell me that Victor is the main love interest and not that asshole, Blake.


It’s a love triangle. Both are


No no no no no nononoonononoonoo You can’t do this to me, Jane. Only one wins, and let it be my boi, Victor.


all-knowing smile


NO, JANE! I’m losing hope here. You’re book title is literally the Bad Boy Mage. Victor certainly ain’t the bad boy.


Mate, do you see who’s on the cover?