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If it means anything, I root for Victor too

I’m going to do artsy stuff for a moment, though. More necklaces and pretty stones shall be made


Okay have fun!


You okay with me doing this tomorrow? You read far beyond what you had to, and I consider you a friend, so I feel bad ;-;


No worries dude! Take your time. I’m a bum so I have all day xD


And thnks! You’re my friend too!




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Captain Eo: Mission to Mars
Science Fiction (fanfic also, but it’s nonfandom friendly).
Size: 6 ch. About 20k words
Summary: A bubbly and popular space captain, Captain Eo, and his crew are assigned to go to Mars and use their diplomacy to lift a trade embargo against their planet. However, Eo realizes that Mars has dark plans for the future-- and his planet is one of the targets. His reputation is on the line to restore peace before it is too late.
Real link:https://www.wattpad.com/639248116


Are all your chapters ~20.000 words?

And the link is meant to be the link to your book


No! Lmao. Im not THAT dedicated. 20k words in the WHOLE book, which has 6 chapters. So like…3k words/ chapter.


And oke

Here you go


I see.

So what is the use of that “Before you begin” with two pictures and two gifs…?


Thats not a chapter, its just so readers know that they should put in their headphones and get food before reading :joy:


I am sorry, but you are denied


Name: @Awwkwwardturtle
Book title: In Time
Genre(s): Teen fiction, romance, some fantasy (there’s time travel), some action/adventure
Xavier is a nobody in school. He barely scrapes through his exams, no one takes notice of him in orchestra, and even his best friend is an over-achiever.
Diana has got it all. Popularity, grades, looks. The perfect girl. They belonged in different worlds; their paths would never have crossed, until the day Diana kills herself.
Xavier is offered a choice by a deity, to time travel two weeks into the past to undo Diana’s tragic death. Will he be able to change her tragic fate? Or is this Diana’s destiny?

Size of chapters: 1000-3000
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/161248438-in-time

Romance is kind of a subplot, the main plot is to undo Diana’s death. Other subplots include exploration of disability (amputation), suicide, cutting, parental relationships and an orchestra setting in high school (if you’re a music geek like me) :sunglasses: There is some swearing and a small kissing scene from second half of the book onwards but the first half is clean :slight_smile:


Is the suicide very graphic…? I’m worried it might be a trigger, as I am suicidal myself


I did not go into the details of describing the scenes; I only wrote one liners of how the character died to get the information across. There is mention of death by drowning, by hanging and by overdosing on sleeping pills. There is also a paragraph on an open casket funeral where the character rests peacefully in the coffin.

Thank you and I will totally understand if you find the above content triggering :slight_smile:


I’m really sorry, but I’m too chicken to take your book on