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Awe :frowning:


Its ok no worries :slight_smile:


Hi, I started on the forums in August. I mention that because in September I began a no-strings-attached review service and I reviewed chapters of the book you reference here. If you want to review mine, I have a science fiction story with a prologue of 318 words. Later chapters average less than 450 words.

The book doesn’t come into focus entirely until going from the Prologue to Chapter 5 (about 2,500 words). After that the math is pretty easy as you can assume the chapters are less than 500 words a piece.

The story is called “The End Times Time Travelers” -

So, if you’d like to work something out I’d be up for that. We can do it by personal message if you prefer.


How many chapters of yours makes 5k words? And what chapters of mine did you already read?


It seems I read up to Chapter 4 because I offered a free 4,000 word review. I have no problem with looking those four over again, then starting up new comments on your chapter 5. I’m fine with getting no credit.

Five thousands words of my story “The End Times Time Travelers” would be the Prologue to Chapter 10.

I really appreciate the way you have set up your offer here because oftentimes reviewers say they will review one chapter which doesn’t do me much good. Looking forward to hearing your response. Thanks.


Is it correct that your chapters are like this?

Name1: “Insert dialogue here.”

Name2: “Insert reply here.”


Exactly. The chapters are nearly 100% dialogue. After about every 25 lines of dialogue the scene shifts.


Alright then. Your prologue + 10 chapters for my five chapters?


Yes, that sounds good. Thanks.




If you’re still open, I’m always looking for feedback. I tend to prefer comment spams just because I like being able to put down reactions and comments as they come to me, so this works out! Let me know if you’re interested.

Name: Remnantation
Book title: Foxtrot
Genre(s): Fantasy/YA
Summary: (This is under construction, but the blurb reads:)

Kieran swears to himself there’s nothing he wouldn’t do to save his family.

After his own attempt to save lives from a magical disease puts him at the mercy of the hated and reclusive Drui, he finds that put to the test. His teacher is under threat of execution for crimes he’d never known about; his best friend and spiritual partner is sealed away in a preemptive measure. Yet there are those among the Drui he doesn’t want to hurt - who don’t deserve the destruction he silently threatens to bring down on them.

And when he starts to question just how far he’s willing to go, he begins to fear the answer.

Size of chapters: I think they’re very roughly 2-3k?

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/166982498-foxtrot


I’ll be honest and say your story is epic

Can I make a special deal with you? Circumstances on my end have changed a little


Aha. Does the epic refer to the length or the quality? I’m not sure which way to take it, lol.

And I’m all ears! What’s up?


Epic as “this plot sounds really cool”

I just published the first chapter of my newest WIP (The Alpha’s Flame). It’s just over 1k words. Would you be okay reading its first chapter and then four of The Bad Boy Mage, making it 5k? I’ll read your first two chapters in return


Sure! That sounds good to me. Can you leave links?


Excellent! :smiley:

The Alpha’s Flame

The Bad Boy Mage


I’m fairly certain I’m done. If you had wanted me to go further than what I did, simply let me know, and I’ll get going again.



I swear to you, today I’m gonna read your book. You’ve waited long enough xP It’s been like 9 days or something
(After that, I’m also going to reply to all the comments I left unanswered, so you’re going to get a bunch of spam)


For my memory, as it’s been so long:

  • That is her Chapter One (which is cut up into 3 parts)
  • I may NOT focus on grammar (oh crap…)

And now for the count…





Completed, as you noticed :smiley: