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This, may has sex, but it is not romantic, and is used as a means to torment people.


Sex counts as far far worse than kissing – especially if it’s not in a romantic way


I guess, it could be.

I would not call it sex personally, but I guess I cannot join in this sadly =[.


I’m sorry but I’m going to have to deny you


Hi, FireAlwaysReturns (love your username!)

Here’s my filled-out form :slight_smile:

Name: SpeakWhenItRains
Book title: Grazing the Sky
Genre(s): Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance (sub-plot)
There are beings living at the center of the Earth. Deep within the molten core - which acts as a barrier to keep away humans - lies Razaleks and Spiros, both at frail peace with one another. Razaleks: tall, elf-like energy manipulators. Spiros: humanoids that are born from beasts, the nearly invincible energy locked inside their bodies released upon near-death.

After being kidnapped from his hometown and mysteriously injected, Lance isn’t human anymore - at least not completely. There are Spiro cells swimming in his veins, and there’s also a thin shred of hope: help from half-Spiro, half-Razalek Zidane. But Zidane has his own reasons, an adventure that travels through memories and awakens something of a heroic tale entwined with an everlasting love.

Size of chapters: About 1k per part (long chapters are split into parts)
Link: Story here


I like the sound of this plot.

Can I make a special deal with you?


Fire away!


Ironic, considering what I’m about to say.

I just published the first chapter of a new story (The Alpha’s Flame) a few days ago. Just like The Bad Boy Mage, the chapters are ~1,000 words. Would you be okay with reading the first chapter of TAF and the first four of TBBM instead of simply five of TBBM?




the fire pun we just made tho :laughing:


You better not have many puns in your actual book :stuck_out_tongue:

4 + 1 chapters of mine for 5 of yours. That good?


haha yes that’s totally fine


I do love puns but, no, not many in Grazing


I’ve gone over the one and four. I hope what I’ve left is helpful, and I’ll be keeping an eye on The Alpha’s Flame :wink: Let me know if ever you want to exchange more.


I saw it. I’ll have to go through my comments to reply to all of you, and then Decaf is first, but you are second on the list :slight_smile:

Your feedback was great. Seriously


A small boop


And another one


Would you spam my book Rocket Web?


That depends. If you fill out the form in the first post, it’s easier to decide


[quote=“FireAlwaysReturns, post:1, topic:37632”]
Name: @ChangingFace
Book title: Rocket Web
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Summary: Sheldon Wyatt was used to having everything go his way. Until his identity is stolen and he goes on a character study of his life.
Size of chapters: not sure around 1k to 2k