Read for read! Romance genre - will comment my honest opinion :))

Hi Guys!
I’m writing my first novel and have worked on it for a while, I’m posting quite often and I would love for somebody to read it and tell me what they think.

I would also love to read some of your work, and comment when I think something is great and when there’s something i think you should work with.

My novel is a college romance but I’ll link it :))'re-perfectly-imperfect

I’ll take a look at it!

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Cool! thanks, do you have anything you want me to look at?

Yeah, you’re welcome to check it out.
Here’s the link


Do you want comments and if so want them straight on the chapter?

Yeah it would be nice if you would comment where ever you find something that could be changed or something I’ve done extra well :slight_smile:

I saw you commented in chapter two (thanks for that) and I’ve tried to change it up a bit so it’s easier to understand, but it erased your comment when I changed the text. So I juste wanted to say thanks for commenting so i could change it for the better!

Oh and I will take a look at your story tomorrow! (it’s night here now so I have to go to bed)

Ok, I’ll do it. I re-read that part, and realised that maybe it was me who misunderstood. Which is also a way of figuring out what could be changed.

Don’t worry. Whenever if you like it and if you want of course. It’s night here as well but earlier :slight_smile:

Hi, so I’m not too sure if you’ll be interested in this, but it’s a Teen Fiction which is mainly based about romance so hopefully you will be interested.

What happens when two people who weren’t ever really meant to be together end up together? To keep it simple, a ton of good memories and a load of shit.

Everly has always been a ray of sunshine and a beacon of hope, as far as she’s concerned, she needs to make people happy. Bringing a smile to someone’s face makes her feel like she’s actually doing something right in her life, and during the times that everything else is going wrong, it’s the only thing that keeps her afloat.

Until she meets Evan.

The sweetheart of West Bridge High who seems to have it all figured out. But behind his perfect smile lies a broken boy who’s scared to let his guard down too much and is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Together they quickly realise that love isn’t always what it’s made out to be and comes with a lot more sacrifices that they could have ever imagined.

But hey, what’s the worse that could happen?

(You can read it here)

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I would love to! it seems exciting. I think I have time to read it today :slight_smile:

Oh and I hope you’ll enjoy my story too :heart:

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Do you read with Mature Chapters with Action? :joy: Because mine has. A lot of it. :joy: I’ll be checking yours: the title and the blurb sounds amazing by the way! :heart_eyes:

Title: Spying In Secret
Genre: Action-Romance, Mystery.

I have an NA Romance, with mature content. Do you read mature works?

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I’d be down. I’d post the summary to my book as well.

Title: When I Dream

Genre: Romance
Status: Ongoing, semi - new story
Summary: Ava Bennett has been sheltered her entire life by her overprotective parents. She’s never been able to live life the way she wanted because she had to always follow the rules. One of those rules were, if Ava attended college, she had to stay at home instead of living on campus.

Growing bored of playing life safe and listening to her mother’s rules, Ava sneaks out to attend a college party.

Justin Cole lived to break the rules and go against them. He took life for granted every chance he got and never looked back. Nothing screams trouble than a night with Justin, but also thrill seeking, and adventurous. Keeping up with his popular reputation, Justin Cole heads to a college party that night.

In transit to this party, Justin and Ava get into an accident putting them both into a coma. They communicate through their dreams, but both don’t know what happened. They don’t have any memory of the car accident, or being in a coma at all. Both end up falling in love, but not knowing it’s all just a dream.

Do Justin and Ava wake up and continue the love they shared? Do they wake up at all?

Haha of course! I actually like mature so it’s fine with my. :smiley:

And thanks! I’m so glad to hear :heart_eyes:

I will definitely check you story out!!

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Yes I do :))

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OMG this seems sooo good! I love the cover by the way - would love to read it! :heart_eyes:

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You’re a doll <3

Jake Peters has it all. He is drop dead gorgeous, final year pre-med, and has a bright future ahead of him. It feels as if nothing can stop him.
Until one night, at his best friend’s wife birthday party. A tornado with strawberry blonde hair whirled his entire life upside down.

The only problem she was getting married in two weeks. Will he fight like his mother taught him for the one thing he wanted the most or will he leave his fate in the hands of destiny…

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I will read it now! Please vote on my chapters if you like them :))

And of course comment both good and bad!

I already check yours and I’m liking the squad so far. Until Kate and Sebastian. :expressionless: Oh well. I’m spoiling the others. :joy: I have suggestion in the comment section, I hope it help.

Waiting for your update. :wink:

-J. A.