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Username: CMF_Wright
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
Straight-A student Jane Huang cares only about acing her classes and getting into college… until a terrifying encounter with an otherworldly monster plunges her into the mysterious world of Mir.
To return to the home she loves, Jane must become an ‘avtorka’ - one with the power to write in Mir’s Book of Truths and change reality. But the gods don’t grant this privilege to just anybody. A brutal series of tests awaits her, each designed to target her weaknesses and destroy her resolve…

Helping her train for her godstests is Nikolay, a ruthless sorcerer-cum-battlemage whose Oath to protect his dying ruler is slowly killing him. Nikolay needs Jane to break his Oath - or so Jane thinks - and despite their mutual emnity, she agrees to help him. But as Jane endures her godstests, she is drawn into a web of magic, mystery, and deceit that forces her to question Nikolay, the godstests, and the very nature of reality itself.

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Username: TastelessWriter
Genre: Romance
Blurb: Sydney Jones is a broke college student. Out of options, she joins, a popular website where people can meet a potential sugar parent. Just when all seems hopeless, her prayers are answered by rich playboy Jason Matthews.
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