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If you’re an undiscovered writer desperate for more reads, then you’ve come to the right place! I love reading and will gladly read your story!


  • your story must have under 1K views.
  • no fanfiction or smut, please.
  • complete payment first and PM me so I’ll know and I’ll get on with your story.
  • I can’t give critiques but I’ll do my best to give constructive comments!

As payment I expect you to read as many chapters of my book as I’ll read of yours.

Blue for the Night:
Kim has made her decision: she will commit suicide the morning after the senior prom. But when Charlie Walkers, the school’s popular guy, bumps into her during the dance, will Kim stick to her plan or give life another chance?

How to Supervise Hell:
How do you imagine the Devil? Scary? With fiery eyes and horns? Well no. Lucifer lives in the human world. He likes guitars and roller coasters.
And he doesn’t know how he’s suppose to supervise Hell.
Everything goes well until unexpected events occur, and Lucifer must find out who among the demons is trying to destroy him.

Form (feel free to add your cover)

Number of chapters we’re doing:

I believe every writer deserves a chance to have his or her story read and that is why I’m proposing a read for read.
Please keep in mind that I have a life outside Wattpad (as we all do!) and that I might take some time to get started with your story.
I’m excited to read your stories!

Title: Tangled Love



Chapters: 4

Description: ❝Barrier in love is not always religion, it can also be . . . gender.❞

Ever heard of a girl falling for a boy and her best friend getting jealous?

Of course, that happens all the time. Best friends often get jealous because the other person starts to spend more time with their partner than us.

But, what if that’s not the only reason for jealousy?

Chitrani and Haaniya were not just best friends, they were diaper buddies. Born and brought up together they grew fond of each other, but as slowly and steadily the adult hormones kicked in – things turned out strange and confusing.


I hope you enjoy it.

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If you’re looking to offer feedback, you can open a thread in the #story-services:critiques-and-feedback category clearly stating you’re offering feedback.

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