Hi! I’m starting this thread as I’d really like to get some feedback on my work, The Prince’s Guard, but I’m happy to do the same for you in exchange!

Due to time, I cant read more than 6 chapters of your story unless I’m absolutely hooked, but promise to comment where I see fit.

Please post the links to your stories below and the amount of chapters (up to 6) that you’d like me to read.


My Story:'s-guard

Description: 'They began to circle each other. Her clothes clinging to her sweat-clad figure as she danced tauntingly around him, simultaneously staying flawlessly composed. Despite her disadvantages, she watched for his every move - analysing his habits, strengths and weaknesses - and, metaphorical claws unsheathed, waited for her chance to pounce. ’

                                     - - - - - - - - - -

Lucinda Beaumont was the renown daughter of the great Lord and Lady Beaumont of Sheridan. Her reputation of being astoundingly beautiful, kind, and enchanting, made her one of the most famous girls in the land; but underneath the elegance she was a well-trained fighter, and a strong young woman that was underestimated greatly.

Then there was the Prince.
Alexander Blackburn was the feared son of the tyrant King Marcel and the elegant Queen Camille. He was said to be almost as cruel as his father, and ruthless to those who crossed him. But according to legend, if you impressed him enough you might be able to gain his respect.

Hello! @daydreamingyouth I’m new here at wattpad and would love to take on your offer. I started this book m months ago and I guess luck wasn’t just at my side when it comes to readers. So if you would like to check my book and mine yours then that would be really great.

P.s. I can’t seem to post a link so I will just visit your profile

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Sorry for the late reply, I was spiked and it stopped me from being able to do anything for a few days and then I had to catch up on some coursework. If you send me the link in a message I’d be more than happy to read it! Hope you enjoy mine :heart:

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Hi there,

This is better suited in #story-services:critiques-and-feedback as that is the only place you can offer a read-for-read service.

I also have to edit your post as you’re not allowed to mention votes, as it can quickly turn into vote trading, which is not allowed.

Thanks for understanding,
Fray - Community Ambassador :awfrasier:

Hello, so this is the link to my story, I hope you enjoy!

Hi! I have this book with 8 chapters in total, but they’re all fairly short! When you accept I’ll get to my payment :slight_smile:

I’ll read it this evening! I updated my story last night, so there’s now 6 chapters, I hope you enjoy! x

No worries! Thank you for letting me know x

It’s called Demon Hunter
Genre: Action/Fantasy
Chapters to be read: 6

Looking forward to checking out yours :bluehearts:

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Title: Guardian of Mortals
Genre: fantasy
Chapters: 1

I’ll comment on yours when you accept my story. Thanks in advance!

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I’m going to do some revision then will read yours this evening! Mine only has 6 chapters also, hope you enjoy! x

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@Jem776x @kkkkkarenj I’ve read both of yours so if you could check mine out I’d appreciate it!:slight_smile:

Of course i will check it out, i don’t go back on my word ever and thanks :unicorn: :bluehearts:

Finished, oh man it was epic :star_struck: aaaaaaand i have 5% battery now :joy: :bluehearts:

Thank you so much! Your feedback made my day :grin:

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@daydreamingyouth I finished my critique on your story.

Hi, I’d like to exchange with you.

My story is Teen Fiction, a Young Adult Mystery / Romance and short comments are fine. There’s a quick poll at the end of the chapters, so if you just want to do those, that’s totally ok with me!

I’ll wait to hear back from you before starting to read yours,


Mocha :purple_heart:

Oh thanks! Do u use the same username?

Hi hun! I’ll check yours out this evening, sorry for the late response :blush:

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Thanks so much. I can read yours tomorrow. Hope that’s ok?