Hi, read the first half and really enjoyed the fast pace :purple_heart: Hope to read the rest very soon. Great work!

Hiya I’d love to do an exchange! I hope all genres are included :cold_sweat: Just ignore the information section and head straight to chapter 1. I’ll start if you decide to accept!

My story: The Perks Of Being A Wallcrawler


Genre: Superhero, Comedy, Fanfic

Chapters: I’d love to get you to read the first six, and I’ll do the same :slight_smile: I’ll leave little comments along the way as well as a general review and votes

Summary: Being a superhero sounds pretty cool, right? If you answered ‘yes’, then you’d probably be correct…unless you’re talking about Peter Parker. In that case, everybody hates you, life sucks, and nothing ever goes according to plan because doing the ‘right’ thing sometimes means sacrificing what you want most. Well, there is an amazing girl in one of his college classes. But, as per usual, a win for Peter Parker is a loss for Spidey…especially when a pretentious new superhero tries to cut in on his turf.

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