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Post: I am offering to read your story and offer constructive criticism. I’m by no means an expert, but I find another set of eyes can sometimes find that one little thing that can bring your story from an 8 or a 9 out ten to a ten. In return, I ask that you offer criticism on my own works. You can choose whichever you want to critique.
As payment for my services, I ask that you either follow me on wattpad, or comment either two things on my planet or plastic entry, or three things from my Animalians work (Preferably on three different chapters, but If you only read one I won’t object. Any criticism is good criticism).
In addition, if you decide you like my series and wish to keep reading, I’ll comment on as many chapters of your works as you do mine.

Please use this template when posting:
Story Title:
Number of Chapters:

Also if you want to hold off on payment until I’ve let you know that I’ve begun reading, I understand completely. I will message you privately on the actual wattpad site (as opposed to community) if I decide to read your work.

For starters, I’ll take three works to read:



Username: @SoulBurningBright
Genre(s): Vampire (Historical fiction, LGBT, romance)
Story Title: The Greatest Obsession
Number of Chapters: 26 (including the prologue)
Payment(done/pending): Pending. I sent you a follow and plan on diving into your series. I also see those “Planet or Plastic” entries all over Wattpad now and I am curious as to what they entail so I might give that a go as well.


As promised, I’ll be reading your work in full. It may take me a bit of time as I’m in the middle of exam season, but it will be done :slight_smile:

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Thank you, and I will continue on with yours. That prologue deserves the praise!

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Username - LordBoyar
Genre - Psychological Thriller
Story Title - In Search of Jericho
Link - In Search of Jericho
Chapters - One at the moment. I would ask you to hold off until Monday, when the second chapter comes out.
Payment - Pending

P.S. As there are only two chapters, I will be reciprocating in kind. I hope that this is acceptable.


Sure, I’ll wait until Monday when you publish chapter two.
I’ll add it to my list now so I get some kind of notification when you post it.

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Username: @Svoosh
Genre(s): Short Story
Story Title: The Price We Pay
Number of Chapters: Just One
Payment(done/pending): I’d like to know if I’ve been accepted first but after that I’ll happily read your Planet or Plastic submission


Username: ARLockhart
Genre(s): YA Horror/Mystery
Story Title: Persistent Silence
Link: Here
Number of Chapters: at least two, but I would prefer more as the majority of comments are only on the first two and I want to know how it’s reading past that point
Payment(done/pending): Pending


Done! I’ve commented on your entry


I’ll put your work on my reading list and read it over the next few days.


Username: False-Prophet
Genre(s): Horror
Story Title: A Lonesome Night
Number of Chapters: 1
Payment: pending

Thank you for offering this service.


No problem! I’m fairly busy what with it being the christmas/ new years season, but I’ll begin reading your story soon! I’ll reply back when I’ve read it.


Thank you! The payment will be due shortly.


Username: jgrace2197
Genre(s): Fantasy, High Fantasy, Epic Fantasy
Story Title: The Legend of the Moonflower Princess
Number of Chapters: 1-2 (if you enjoy my story, feel free to keep on reading!)
Payment: Not completed


I’ll be reading it shortly. As of now, I’m falling a bit behind haha, but I will let you know when I’ve begun reading it.


payment completed

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Thank you for your understanding

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