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Hello, everyone!

I’m having trouble finding something to read so I decided this would be a good way to find some fresh blood :star2:

I will read at least the first 5 parts of your story(more depends on whether I enjoy your story) and give you detailed feedback(please tell me if there’s anything specific you want me to adress in my feedback) in your preferred form.

You don’t need to give as detailed a feedback as I plan on doing but please keep it to more than one sentence so I know you actually read it.

If you don’t want to give feedback in return, that’s fine too but please tell me so I know what to expect.

It won’t affect whether I give your story a shot.

Edit: I decided that I would read the first 5 chapters first for everyone so the wait is shorter. I will keep going after that if I liked your story.

Edit 2: I’m not interested in fanfiction at the moment. I thought I had said so but looks like I forgot. I’m sorry for the confusion.

Here is my to-read/reading list:
1.Tales Beneath a White Moon by EllenFairyBlue4 -first 5 chapters finished
2. The Underground by LivEvansWrites -first 5 chapters finished,planning to continue after I’m done with this list
3.Tale of the Black Dawn Series 1: U N R A V E L by JoshAbra - first 5 parts,which are all that is out at the moment, finished
4.Of Sinners & Saints (Book 1) #BBC2017 by paddycarr - reading
5. Ivory Black by Writerthoughtss - first 3 parts, which are all that’s out at the moment, finished
6.Schrodinger’s Child by modestmeri - first 5 chapters finished
7.Jericho by kyrrai - the first 5 parts finished
8. The Super Chronicles: Byong Ki-Soo by JazzyBallet - first 5 chapters finished


Hi my book os Tales Beneath a White Moon.


I’m checking it out now :relaxed:

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Hi :slight_smile: I’d be more than happy to swap some read for reads :slight_smile:
If you’re interested, I’d love for you to tell me what you think about my novel “The Underground” (click for link).


You’re second on my reading list then :slight_smile:


Thanks :relaxed:
I am just about to head to bed for the night, but I am looking forward to checking out your works on my morning commute :slight_smile:

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Hi! If you’re into fantasy like story, try mine
Title: Take of the Black Dawn Series 1: U N R A V EL
BTW,my story is still in the fetus stage so I still hope you can enjoy it. :grinning:



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Hello have you a moment to check out of Sinners & Saints?

The moment you Czech out my story I will immediately read one of your chapters.

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Hey can you check mine out!

Title: Ivory Black
Summary: Kai Haywood never thought anything of being adopted by a white family. What was the problem ? She had a stable home with two siblings and parents that loved her but that wasn’t the way Aaliyah Jackson saw it, in fact everything changed when Kai met Aaliyah. Kai soon realized she had no clue who she really was.
Link to story:




My book is Schrodinger’s Child

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I checked your synopsis out. It seems there are depictions of depression and self-harm, please correct me if I’m wrong, and I feel that might be triggering for me. I’m sorry but I have to refuse.


Hi! I would love to exchange r4r :slight_smile:

Title: Evelyn Ross and the Prisoner of Azkeban

Genre: Harry Potter fanfic (HP background knowledge not required)


You’re not wrong, but those do not occur until way late in the book (chapter 20), so you could read some of the earlier chapters if you want and you would be fine. Although I do understand if it’s still no. It is a sensitive book.

Edit: and I was thinking about it, I can tell you what the first few chapters are about so you can decide. the first five chapters are relatively mild. The prologue just talks about me growing up in a motel and introduces the mood of the book. 1 talks about growing up with my abusive mother (not in a whole lot of detail, since I didn’t remember very well; it just states feeling neglected and mentions in passing that she fought with my siblings). 2 talks about my experience at school, 3 talks about more church, and 4 is about my best friend when I was little.

So, luckily I wasn’t very graphic in the first few chapters, but yeah, it does get a little graphic after that, around 20 or so (and maybe six by itself). Once again, I understand a no


No, if it’s mild then it’s okay. I’ll check it out :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello, I’m not interested in fanfiction at the moment. I thought I had specified it in my post but looks like I forgot to. I’m sorry.


hi would love for you to look at my story! it only has 4 chapters so far though.
Title: Jericho
Genre: short-story
Summary: A writer sits in her apartment for days on end, searching for inspiration. She has a cabinet just for that, her own little cabinet of inspirations. One day she encounters a strange man she names Jericho, who changes her life forever. Follow this journey into the surreal.





Title: The Super Chronicles: Byong Ki-soo

BIO: I am Byong Ki-soo, from Seoul, South Korea. I applied for a writers’ internship at an entertainment company, though I ended up being the secretary for this super hot, jerk. Even though he was a jerk, he somehow still got to me, and I started liking him. At the same time a forgotten criminal, came out from their hiding, coincidence…I think not.

Genres: Romance, Mystery, Young Adult, Fiction, Supernatural, Multi-Cultural

Languages: English (Official), Korean (Official), Japanese (Unofficial)

Rating: Some Mild Humor, Mature Themes, PG-13

Author: Kazashi


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