Read-for-reads, all genres, all types of commentary

Offering read for reads, comment for comment. I can do any type of comment: in-depth review, grammar check, comment spam, cheerleader, etc. I only ask that you put in a similar amount of effort.

Payment is to read and comment on What Heroes Don’t Think About ('t-think-about-author's-note) Do about the same number of chapters or words as you would like me to do for you. Since my story only has 6 chapters/14k words right now, if you would like me to do more than that for you, you can also comment on my other books (enough chapters to make up the difference) or comment on what I have posted now, add the book to your library, and promise to keep commenting when more chapters are posted.

I accept mature, but I will not comment on explicit sex scenes.

I can’t give in-depth critique on poetry, but I can give my general impressions.

I will add people to the queue once payment is begun.

I am perfectly willing to read outside my preferred genres, but for those who would prefer to do read-for-reads with fans of their genre, here’s my preferences, for reference:

Preferences: dark fantasy, fanfiction of fandoms I like (if you want to know if I like the fandom you’re writing in, ask), drama, adventure

Non-preferences: romance, fanfiction of things I dislike/don’t know much about, RPF, children’s fiction and nonfiction (not really a dislike overall, I just read too many mediocre children’s books at work so they aren’t my favorite right now), dick lit (books by men, for men, about men, whose female characters don’t have personalities), ecchi/fetish/erotica

Really good books are the exception to all of the above.


  1. @Ajg037 - The Aya Wolfe Chronicles (1 chapter, short comments/in-line comments)
  2. @Exterus - Late Beginnings (all that’s posted so far, general comments/suggestions)
  3. @gtgrandom - The Ephemeral Book 1: Breeder (general thoughts on whatever comes to mind)
  4. @harnoorc101 - Choices (comment spam/grammar check)
  5. @AhmedJama9 - The Imprecation of the Temples (general critique/grammar)

Hello. I’m writing an Attack On Titan fanfiction, so I was wondering if you like it before actually posting the request.
Assuming you do, I’ll be more than willing to read your story and leave feedback (if that’s what you prefer), especially regarding grammar and syntax.

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I do like Attack on Titan! It’s been a while since I watched/read it so I might have forgotten some of the lore, but I do like it. I’d be more than happy to do that kind of exchange if you’re okay with that :slight_smile:

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Could you check out the first chapter of my YA sci-fi/fantasy novel?

Any feedback is appreciated. I will read your’s right now.

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Oh, that’s great! You don’t have to worry about the lore, though, I’m pretty sure it’ll come back to you once you start reading a little.
Also, my story is still ongoing with only two chapters out, but it counts a total of 11k words (the chapters are somewhat lengthy, especially the second one). That being said, I hope you don’t mind 20+ mins of reading, haha.
Anyway, here’s the link:
I’ll go on and read your story now!

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I’ve got a low fantasy / adventure, but there is a romantic subplot (doesn’t come into play for about 20 chapters anyway)

I’ll go read your story now, if you’re still accepting read for reads. I’d appreciate your general thoughts / comments on anything you feel like commenting on. I already have quite a bit of feedback on the first five chapters.

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Awesome, thanks! And I actually like romance subplots; I just don’t like the romance genre.:smiley:

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All right, sounds great. Thank you!

Hi! Can you do a grammar check and comment spam in this book of mine? It’s a war sci-fi :smiley: tell me if you accept so I can start on my payment! I’ll do for as many chapter as you’d want me to do.

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Title: Choices
Short Summary: What would happen if a negative suicidal teenage girl meets a boy who radiates joy and wants to live life happily? Will her darkness make his light disappear or will his light make her darkness disappear?
Genre: Fanfiction/ Teen Fiction

It has an original storyline… Because some of the characters look like celebs, i’ve categorized it as a fanfic… But you’ll understand what’s going on even if you don’t know those celebs or aren’t into kpop.

Type of comments: Comment spam and grammar check

i read six chapters of your story… Payment is completed

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Jose and his sister Sofia are joining their mother abroad to witness her make history. They help her with the excavations of Yeha and Corfu. Despite the climate and boring atmosphere of an archaeology site they get to travel to Greece and Ethiopia. Jose gets to save money for his masters and Sofia gets to take some Instagram worthy photos. But as soon as Jose and Sofia arrive to the excavation site, terrible events begin to happen. The flu spreads, a priest is murdered and the inhabitants of Yeha and Corfu begin to disappear. Is it all a bad coincidence or something evil and dark.

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Sure! Accepted. Also, since your book is significantly longer than mine currently is, let me know if you’d rather continue with What Heroes Don’t Think About as I continue to update, or if you’d rather make up the difference by commenting on my other books. (You can decide later, just let me know so I know what to expect.)

Accepted. It would be helpful if you let me know what kind of feedback you’d like. I’ll add you to the queue once you begin payment.

Thanks everyone for requesting and your comments so far! Sorry, the queue on this post isn’t updated because I haven’t been home and it’s annoying to update on mobile, but if you’ve begun payment you should be added to a reading list called “I owe these people reviews.” I’ll work on reviewing from there.

I would like a general critique/grammar. On chapter 1-5

I’d want to stick on just one story :smiley: I’ll start on it tonight!

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