Read for Reads! :)


The first read-for-read has done wonders for my story — along with everyone else’s. I believe now is the perfect time to do it again.

WHAT I WILL DO is read the chapters in your story, and post one comment per chapter, as proof that I have, indeed, read your story.

WHAT YOU WILL DO, assuming you do want to make this deal, is to do the same as I’ll do to your story; read and post at least one comment per chapter, as evidence that you’ve read my story.

Okay, now that that’s done, HERE ARE THE RULES:

  1. I will not read any adult fiction, nor any fiction that has adult themes in it; explicit gore, sex, and so on and so forth. Mentions of it are fine, but anything more than that isn’t.

  2. I will read as much chapters as you read mine.

  3. If your novel has more than 21 chapters (the amount of chapters my novel has) I will still only read, and comment 21 chapters of your story, provided that you do the same to me.

  4. I will not be reading LGBT+ themes, not because I despise it, but because I have my own beliefs and I ask you to please respect these beliefs, even if you neither share nor understand them.

  5. I will only read 15 books. I don’t want to overwhelm myself.

  6. If you’ve begun reading and commenting without me tagging you, then I’m sorry, but I won’t do the same to you. When I tag your name, that’s when you know you should start reading and commenting.

WITH THIS, I hope we can all help each other, as authors. Remember to please read the rules carefully. I don’t want there to be any trouble between us. Here’s the link to my story:

COMPLETED: @Arkotract, @Shretima_Bahadur, @EliFreysson, @TasnuvaSineka, @AllieDawnx, @MariaFilocomo

I’d like to say THANK YOU for those of you who plan on participating in this event. I hope this will help all of us and our precious stories :slight_smile:



Good morning. I was wondering, prior to considering posting a link to my work for a potential look over, I would appreciate receiving your views on fanfiction. What’s your opinion on the genre? Would you be willing to accept one in this arrangement?

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“Come on Lay-Lee. I won’t bite.”

I pout at that and cross my arms. “It’s Hailey.”

That manages to bring a smile on his lips, showing his cute dimples. “I know.”

• • •
Two secret identities dying to come out.

Two fake identities dying to walk away.

Two souls meant for each other.

A tad bit too philosophical, isn’t it?

That’s what Hailey Brandon thought about love, dating and happily ever afters she reads about in novels. For her, all she had to do was get through her last two years of high school, WITHOUT much drama and score a place at the Literary Program at NYU.

Until she meets Shawn. The perfect boy. With the to-die-for gorgeous looks, a drop-dead hot girlfriend. And a good nature. The owner of perfect life. At least from outside. God knows what’s hidden behind his handsome blue eyes.

Complete opposites, right?

We’ll see about that. But remember what you’ve studies about magnets

Hope you will like my story and please send me the link to your story if possible so that I can start reading yours.



Fanfiction is fine! While I don’t think I’ll be able to follow the entirety of your plot, I am able to analyse and determine if the way your characters behave and speak are realistic or not.
So, yes, I do accept.


It’s an open fanfiction, meaning there is no prior knowledge needed… although the story is very similar to the game, everything is explained… Thank you for being accepting… I’ll post the link now…


I can’t think of a summary… I guess the blurb might be enough… If you want to read this, go right ahead…


I’ll check it out as soon as possible!



I’m willing to do a trade, if you’re willing to read SFF action story. Let’s say… five chapters each?

The First Run



Dude, wait. I’ve already read your story.

Hi. I’ll read your one if you read my novel xD It’s not exactly gore but deals with people’s deaths.

Story: 17 year old Luke Wilbur is the envy of all. Handsome, talented artist and a skilled Basketball player, he is the heartthrob of the town. He lived in Gallows Fall as long as he could remember.

Beneath his mask, however, Luke harbors a secret: he dreams of death. His dreams reenact the gruesome deaths of countless people. Refusing to let these dreams control his life, Luke ignores his dreams and hides his ability from everyone.

But his efforts to suppress his ability are thwarted by his strange encounter with the ghost of Lillian who died over 300 years ago under mysterious circumstances. After some initial friction, Luke teams up with Lillian to find out the cause of her death and the root of his abilities. Little do they know, the truth will bring them face to face with the sinister forces lurking underneath the town’s idyllic facade…



Whoops. Sorry.

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I’d love if you could read my story Blood of my Blood, it takes place in 18th century Scotland. It can be found here:


Oh, wait, no! I’ve only read the first chapter of your story! I can still do the rest :slight_smile:

@ClementineDavidson Thank you for your comments, hopefully the book was enjoyable and made enough sense. I’m in the midst of editing.

I’ll complete your novel over the weekend if I have the time :slight_smile:


No problem! We authors have to help each other out. And please read and comment as many of my chapters as I did yours, it is part of the deal XD

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Of course :slight_smile:


The deed is done! Overall, I really, really, really love your story.


The deed is done :slight_smile:

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