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Hi @skylerFrey. If you’re still looking for some read-for-read swaps, I’d like to offer up my novel. Let me know if you’re interested and I will go ahead and take a look at Hybrid :slight_smile:

Title: The Underground
Username: @LivEvansWrites
Genre: Sci-fi/dystopian
Description: KC-847, a Government-owned Registered Derivate, has strong telekinetic powers and a penchant for following rules. He rose through the ranks of the Government quickly and his latest promotion sees him join the Derivate Retrieval Team as their Liaison Officer. It is his duty to lead a team of trained citizens in the retrieval of Derivates who have gone away without leave. His first mission as the officer in charge goes drastically wrong and he is thrown into a world that changes everything that he has been forced to believe.

Flit’s entire life has been a lie. As an Unregistered Derivate, she and her family spend their weekday undercover in The Hub, and their weekends aiding the last bastion of Derivate resistance in the Underground. Even though the psionic powers of her kind were the spark that ignited a war over a century ago, she hates that Derivates are branded and used like robots to protect and serve a city where they have no rights. Finally tired of her double life, Flit decides to join the Underground full-time so she can make a real difference in their resistance.

During a routine security patrol in the Underground, Flit stumbles across a Registered Derivate whose team underestimated the dangers of the dank underground tunnels. She brings the Registered Derivate, KC-847, back to the Underground and he is given a new chance to live a life free of the Government's control. Just as he is settling in, a deadly explosion rocks the long-enjoyed safety of the Underground, and threatens the very foundations of his new life. Flit, never one to let a hunch go, drags him along on an investigation that will change the trajectory of Derivate-kind forever...
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Hey, yes i am interested in giving your story a read :slight_smile:


Title: Schrodinger’s Child
Author: Meri Strickland
Description: Meri, even since she was a child, has always felt invisible. Purely, completely, undeniably invisible. When her mother, tormented by the demons of substance abuse and mental illness, physically abused her siblings in her place? Invisible. When the other children at school taunted her and avoided her like the plague? Invisible. And later when she struggled with depression, forcing herself daily to go through the motions, even though she couldn’t find a single reason why she should? Invisible. All her life it has appeared that she is the only one who can see herself drowning. Maybe, she thinks, it’s not that they don’t see: it’s that they don’t care.

The concept of Schrodinger’s cat has always resonated with her. Shove a cat into a box, hide it away from prying eyes, and suddenly it is both alive and dead at the same time. It’s there and not there, healthy and unhealthy, real and unreal, as long as it remains unobserved. This is what Erwin Schrodinger himself would have called an observer’s paradox. It’s so ridiculous, he argued, that it simply cannot be true. Meri knows better. She can’t speak for Schrodinger’s cat, but she has always felt that she is Schrodinger’s child. Living but lifeless, mature but childlike, an unobserved observer, she is trapped between two worlds that no person should ever have to inhabit at once. Adulthood is lurking just around the corner for her, but even so, she cannot help but wonder; if there is no clear fate for Schrodinger’s cat, then what-if anything-will happen to her?

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Hi, sorry for late reply.
I will definately give your story a read


Hiii @skylerFrey,I’m interested in reading the first five chapters of your book and I’ll also give feedback.
The title of my book is "Maybe its you and me

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No problem girl i will read your story, but just remind me if i forget.


Poetry, i love poetry. i will surly give you feed back


OOOOO! that sounds nice, i am surly going to read it


If you don’t have something against fantasy and heavy swearing:
The Lightning Tyrant
Genre: Fantasy
Most Fantasy is written from the perspective of some heir or powerful mage. I thought “Fuck that” and wrote from the perspective of a powerless, cynical farmer.

P.S. Now there’s only 3 chapters on Wattpad, but new ones will be added within this or next week.

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Payment complete

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I’ll definately give it a read, but could you please send me the link.


I will give it a read :slight_smile:


OK sure


I’ll literally read anything so


Hey. Ill be sure to read your story


Okie, ill give your story a read as well :slight_smile:


Hi guys. Im going to be taking a short break from reading your stories due to personal loss. but i’ll be back to continue reading your awesome stories soon.

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