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I added my partner from our book club and other fellow Editors. Now you’ll get up to 4x the comments, follows, and votes! If interested in additional Editors, tag them within the forum to engage. As we grow I will add more willing Editors to the forum to produce a true feedback community. I mean why run your own forum when you can join a group that’ll manage it for you!

To be clear I’m not selling votes I just believe in a mutual promotion. Votes will never be mandatory for this forum or my book, as it is not allowed and a bit unethical.

Remember you can engage with others from this forum if you would like to do more than one read for read. I encourage community connections!

I will read 3 chapters of your stories and give you comments if you do the same for mine. I will follow, vote, and give a few comments per chapter. You can pick which three chapters you would like me to read, I don’t have to start from the beginning. I’m adding this so you can get feedback for the chapters you feel need the most attention.

To participate, attach your book below and tag five friends. This helps promote us all.

*If you like my comments/suggestions feel free to join our marketing and editing book club for an additional three chapters of read for reads, contests, more in-depth editing (talk to the editor of your choosing), tags, & help with other social media. Consider this your introduction to our editing technique and personalities. Your try to buy but everything is free:grin:

FYI, I will read any genre! I am most active during the week from Monday through Friday. Monday I respond to all my weekend comments and do read for reads!

Please share this forum with your friends. I’d like to keep this group going and gather as much help and support for each other as possible. Let’s grow together with group editing!

If you don’t contribute with comments on my book I will know. I keep track. Three chapters is a fair swap to start, don’t be rude! Having said this, I’m not strict on timelines for comments, just keep in touch to let me know you’re still around. People have lives, no judgment here.

My story: 5


Hey, I’m interested in this. Here’s a bit of info about my book:

TITLE: The Storyteller
AUTHOR: @Sauledemonangewriter
GENRE: Epic Fantasy (sub genres: adventure, action)
BLURB: Tales are not just tales. They are a part of the truth we must seek for and find, no matter the cost.

“My mission is diplomacy, not murder.”

Angels are very rare creatures to see walk on Earth - that’s certain. Malak must go as a Messenger of Peace to Liberal City of Yash to try and put an end to the war and to give freedom to the Kazjéh who’ve been fighting for it all their lives long and for generations, supported by the Yashivs and Benan in secret too, Sultane of Impure Demons, offering them a solution. But it turns out this solution doesn’t mean what her pure mind thought it could mean and be used for.

“I am the one who makes hell on the battlefields happen, but, please, do not fear me, as I am as well the one who is seeking paradise.”

Barin is a young man, about twenty-nine years old, who’s joined the Third Division of the Army of Justice as he was only eighteen. It’s been eleven years since that moment, but Barin still deludes himself into thinking he fights for the Djimanatá and for what his religion taught him all his life long. Born in a noble family, he was educated to believe that. But fate arranges a meeting for him in a Tavern of Sephrin with the Angel Malak and the Half Demon Donovan. Will he put an end to his regrets and doubts understanding what went wrong and how to fix it or simply escape them choosing damnation?

“You’re actually a nice person. Only a darker version of that. Because you don’t want to show it and they don’t want to understand you.”

Half Demon Donovan shares the huge powers of the devils but not their selfishness and points of view on life. More as a tradition rather than for vocation, he joined the Army of Justice and became a Grand Officer of the Fifth Division. But meeting Malak turns his world upside down too.

It’s true - a Demon should not seek for a home; he should act only on instincts and desires. But is it true that Fallen Angels cannot love?

Let me know if you’re up to this. I’ll start reading yours in a few minutes in that case.
Hope you give it a try! Happy reading! :blush:


@mumtoNY @cringeworthypoet @ablueartist @LKrahn @Silenesea6

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Thank you! I’m reading yours now!

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Hi there! I was referred to this by a fellow follower! I hope you’ll be interested and thank you!

@MargotMaddox @tavanalee @sanasanasana @silver00960 @leemain35


After I Fall

Abbey Feldman is trying to move on with her life after struggling with drug addiction for nearly a decade. Seven years ago she lost the most important part of her world when her husband, Braeden, went missing in Afghanistan. When he never returned home she was left to pick up the pieces, losing her daughter in the process. Now she has one goal in mind, to get her daughter back. After a chance (and embarrassing) encounter, she never imagined she would receive a job offer to work for billionaire, Cole Donner.

Cole knew there was something different about Abbey the moment he laid eyes on her. She didn’t belong in a nightclub clad in lingerie, she didn’t seem to fit the criteria, and he had always been an expert on the criteria. She had a genuine side to her seldom found in the social circles he frequented and he wanted more right from the start, but never heard from her after their encounter.

Cole has a secret. He’s sick. With a demanding career on the line and the new responsibility of raising his two younger brothers he does whatever he can to keep it to himself. When he finally succumbs to his illness and discovers that it’s much more serious than he thought, he has no choice but to hire a live in house manager-slash-nanny to handle his affairs. A crazy twist of fate lands Abbey in his interview hot seat, something he never thought possible.

Abbey has secrets too, secrets Cole can’t know about. In order to get her daughter back she’ll have to juggle two needy kids and Cole’s awful moods without losing her sanity in the process. She makes it a point to be professional, and distant. As the days drag into weeks and weeks into months Cole becomes increasingly ill and begins to find reasons to confide in her, and Abbey finds herself more emotionally invested than she ever thought possible.


Definitely, I’ll start shortly. You will see when I begin :slight_smile:

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Okay thank you! Is the link you provided the story you’d like me to read?

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Yes, please. The one for Mirage Alternate Reality Book. Thank you!

Hi @MirageMauderator. Might I jump in on this if I only tag four friends? Alas, I only have five followers total (I’m brand new to Wattpad) and one has already tagged me in the thread. (Thanks @CourtneyPeterman0!) :relaxed:


Yes of course!

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Amazing, and thanks! I see you’ve already commented on my story, but I’ll go ahead and post my info here:

@BridgesTunnels @Ajg037 @seaofgreen @PrettyLittleQueenA

Genre: New Adult; Romance

An improbable friendship with the daughter of a wealthy real estate scion introduced NYU student Violet Wright to a world she couldn’t have imagined: palatial Manhattan apartments, elite cocktail parties, designer duds. But on the eve of her twenty-second birthday, a chance encounter with a handsome stranger threatens to derail her entire life, just as it’s starting to take shape.


I will continue commenting tomorrow and get back to you on the comments you’ve made. I hope you’re having a nice weekend!

Thanks!! We’re still aiming for three chapters, right?
Weekend was good—hope yours was too!

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Yes, we start with three chapters and continue with the Method Madness Book Club for more read for read and other services I’m developing if you’re interested.

Great! And yes, I’m interested. I’ll continue on with yours–either today or tomorrow for next batch of comments :wink:


I’ve read and comment on two of your chapters. I’ve also added your book to my reading list and will read a chapter on a daily basis.
Here is mine.
I will add five later, I’m only on nine and think most of them are in here, but will add them, promise. I’m also open to anyone else that would like me to read their book for a read of mine.
Thank you for this thread. Really appreciate it.


Hello, I’m an editor and your book sounds lovely and interesting! I would love to do a read for read with you!

If you’re interested, the link to my book is :

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Yay, thank you. I would love to read your book. I’ll start with it today. Thank you again. I’m just trying to work that blurb, hahahaha. I suck at blurbs.

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Did I think two or three chapter. I left you my comments. You have a beautiful concept. Will do a few more chapters tomorrow. Good luck with this project.

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Just wanted to pop in and introduce myself! I’m one of the editors in the thread + bookclub so feel free to @ me if you want a read for read! Let me know what kind of feedback you are looking for. My strong suits are descriptions, transitions, dialogue, and character development! I look forward to working with everyone! <3