Reader Habits: Is it true that more people will read a book if it contains romance?



I know that Romance has a huge following on Wattpad, so does that hold true for books outside of the romance genre?

Is there more interest in non-romance (Genre) books that contain some smidgen of romance?

If a non-romance (genre) book revolves more around romance or contains romantic styled plots will it ultimately attract more readers?

Poll -

Would you be more interested in a non-romance genre book that still contained some romance?

  • Yes, indeed!
  • It’s not a major factor for me.
  • Not at all.
  • I can’t stand romance.

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That would explain a lot of things in stuff I’ve written on there. Although I was under the impression what was popular was the HEA kind of romance.


I don’t know how I can answer in a very ‘research’ manner…

I’m not sure the statement is true as it was phrased. I think it’s probably more like: If a work of fiction contains a romantic plot a majority of humans will not be completely opposed to reading because humans are social animals and relate to some level of desire for companionship.

Or, maybe: If a work of fiction is described as having a familiar form of romantic plot some percent of humans will read it as a ‘comfort’ or ‘guilty pleasure’ or ‘indulgence’.

I’m not sure just the fact that a book has romance makes more people read it.

But, this is all anecdotal evidence.

I don’t mind romance plots, but I sometimes skip a work if the description has a specific form of romance plot that sounds too familiar.


Maybe you need to create a poll?

When reading non-romance genre books (eg, SciFi, Fantasy, Horror), do you still prefer it to contain romance?

  • Yes. Lots, please!
  • Yes. But just a little bit as a side plot.
  • Nope. Not at all. I hate romance.


Thank you for the suggestion! I’ll edit and add that. :slight_smile:


I’m not sure if it’s romance that people look for, or if it’s the dirty, sexy, scenes that are more desired. Romance is bound to have those, right? Romance doesn’t have to have sex scenes. I find the romance bit somewhat of a selling point, and will get more attention than something that doesn’t have it (it could be why Pint isn’t pulling in a lot of interest despite it winning a watty, but I don’t want to mislead people by getting rid of the This is NOT a romance part from my blurb).


I think people appreciate an original plot in any genre. It has a pull. Romance is of course very popular. We all need love… Romance novels are more entertaining in some ways…