Reader-Writer ratio on Wattpud

To those who have completed their stories:
In your experience, what’s the reader-writer ratio on Wattpad? The people who read my book are almost exclusively writers. I thought maybe it’s because it’s my first novel and it’s not yet finished. So I’m interested in the experience of those with completed stories.
Thanks so much!
Jona :slight_smile:

I have no real knowledge to answer your question, but my guess is almost everyone on wattpad are writers.


I have noticed that I am getting more reader-only after my Watty win. But you have to check your analytics, your followers, that sort of thing. I don;t have time to delve into each of my followers profiles.

I do notice that the folks that comment on my chapters/books, and who vote more often are writers. They understand the importance of those wee stars and the comments, methinks.


I have ongoing stories on this account, but I’ve completed stories on another account. Most of your readers would also be writers, as most people on this website want to share their stories with others. I would say you’d get a much higher rate of exclusive readers if you’d won a wattys etc.

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There’s about 80 million users on Wattpad and about 10% of those are writers.

In the beginning it’s pretty normal to get more readers who’re also writers, but as you start growing you’ll notice more pure readers. And silent readers, lol.


:joy: Okay, I’m confused. My readers are almost all exclusively readers. I have like practically no writer/readers. I actually was really concerned because no writers were reading my work and I was trying to get feedback.


What type of story is it? Is it a romance?

I’m thinking your genre has something to do with it. Accumulating a pure reader base for Romance stories is a tad easier than for any other genre as the demographic that consumes Romance stories is larger.

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That makes sense. I’ve just been trying so hard for awhile to get writers to read my stories since they usually seem to be better with feedback in their comments. I thought everyone was in that same boat.

Yeah, it would definitely be due to you writing romance. Readers (who don’t write!) tend to be way more involved in that genre.

I would say that most of us that responded to this thread are science fiction / fantasy / horror writers.

Definitely not. In the beginning all I had was awards, book clubs and other writers reading my stories. Which hey, it was great! They kicked my WIP into shape.

It’s not until I was featured I started getting pure readers regularly.


I am insanely jealous right now. :tired_face:

Well, it was a very slow climb. A very slow climb. Like insanely slow.

That I could’ve been without.


One of my stories was featured and I couldn’t figure out where.

Asked a mod and was told that it appeared on the mobile app. Got a rush of readers, very few of whom voted or commented.

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Yeah, that’s pretty common too. When you get promoted in one way or another, it also brings out all the silent readers.

My first novel was almost exclusively read by writers. As a result, the voting and commenting wa extraordinary. Normal readers don’t always vote and very seldom comment. These days, I have very few writers. If I want feedbac, I need to get it from the betas or the critique group.
The best experience is when a proper reader pops up, votes like mad and leaves little comments here and there.
Usually, I get one at the end. That is an authentic author experience and worth gold! It all depends which state you are at in your writing career.


I have a question for you since you have a lot of readers. Do you find that most ppl who vote or comment are writers?

I’m trying to figure out if it’s just a pure reader’s habit to not comment or vote because they don’t understand what’s the big deal about it or to insecure to expose themselves?

Tbh, I don’t check anymore. I can’t really keep track of who votes. I check out my commenters from time to time, and sometimes they have a story of their own, and sometimes it’s just a completely blank profile with maybe a couple of reading lists.

It very much differs.


I think you’ve just answered my question to @AWFrasier :heart: So you would say silent readers are mostly pure readers?

Ah so there’s a mix. Good to know.

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