Readers - Do you like media and graphics in books?

  • Yes, I like graphics/media
  • No, I don’t like graphics/media

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Feel free to elaborate on your choice! I’ve been thinking about writing a book here with lots of graphics in it, so I’m curious how everyone else feels. :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t like it, no. Simple paragraph dividers and a top banner is fine, but anything besides that? Ooph, it makes me lose focus, pulls me out of the story and reminds me of children’s books. There’s almost nothing that’ll make me drop a book faster than it including a bunch of fancy graphics.

But that’s just me. :woman_shrugging: If you wanna write a book with a bunch of graphics in it, do it!


I’ve always thought a story that was half book, half movie (or whatever percentage) would be so cool. Because there are things about books that make the story better (often a more intimate connection with the characters) and there are things about movies/images that make the story better (often action scenes or small visual subtleties that lose their effect when presented as a play-by-play with words).

If I ever acquire lots of money–I’ll write a story and hire a film crew to bring the best of both worlds (book/movies) to life! (don’t hold your breath!) :rofl:


I don’t really mind. But if the author is going over the top with every graphic they can think of for every chapter (I’ve seen it before) then it will make me turn away.

I have one banner at the end of each of my chapters asking people to vote and comment if they enjoyed but that’s about it.


I don’t like it. If it’s something simple and there ain’t all that much of it, like a small chapter banner, then, of course, it’s nice. Too much, tho, can ruin it for me and I have, in fact, stopped reading books because I found large amounts of media there to be distracting.

Besides, always have in mind that some people might be using their internet data to read your book and all those images are gonna use up more than they may like.


i like it, where it’s appropriate! i’m not a fan of videos and trailers or big cast lists with images, but if you wanna divide up your story with pretty flowers or osmething that enhance it’s tone then i’m all about that.


I usually use graphics on my story. There’s a chapter where I put aesthetics boards and gifs to make the reader fully comprehend the characters. I like it but if during the chapter, appears, for example, the image of the dress the MC is wearing than I’m a total no for graphics.


It makes the book more unique :>


In a standard novel, I don’t mind a picture at too or bottom of chapter, but not in the middle of the text. Same with videos and gifs, except in very specific circumstances.

I use picture scene dividers, too.

However, this feature is great for graphic novels, cookbooks, children’s picture books, etc.


But only in graphic novels, preferably anime’manga style.


If you’re not overusing then I don’t mind or if graphic novels/manga/art story then it’s ok.

But the thing I don’t like is clothing pics. Like you have cast pic, alright, but if you ‘I was finishing my shower and was wearing some black pants from Gucci, Converse sneakers, a white crop top. (A/N: here’s a pic of what it looks like)’ with a image of clothes set, that just ruins the whole plot and why bother describing when you just showed the pic anyway? :woman_shrugging: :confused:


One time I was reading an ebook (romance) that gave you the option to look at videos and photos of the characters. The actor they used in the videos and photos wasn’t good looking and it just ruined the whole experience for me so I DNFd it.


I usually make aesthetics, and occasionally I use gifs in a chapter but not as much. I just like gifs too much to not use them in a book.


It really depends on the graphics so my answer is yes and no. If it’s a graphic novel or if the graphics are just headers and dividers, I’m all for them. But if it’s to replace description or even to describe something then show a picture, then no.


I don’t like any graphics besides a cover and MAYBE a banner.
I don’t feel like it adds enough to be worth the extra scrolling.

That being said, a lot of people seem to really like it. I’m not annoyed by it enough that I would stop reading something because of that. So it seems like it might be the best idea to go for it because more readers will like it than not.

(I’ve considered trying to do something like that, but I get way too picky about the pictures in my head. No celebrities would match.)


I definitely agree with the celebrities bit. I’ve never been able to understanding when people have face claims like that, but it seems to help some writers out!


I don’t mind it if it’s used often however ie: when the character is going to a party or to school, please don’t just paste in a picture from Pinterest.

I’m reading for a reason and I rather have you describe to me what they’re wearing. I want to use my imagination instead of staring at a picture.


Same. I hate when there are pictures in the middle of the chapter showing the outfit.


Well, I’m reading a book called Backbone, written by @supernovass , and it’s a multimedia book. The story (most of it) is told from messages and stuff like that. I honestly love it and I think that in this case. the use of the multimedia resource is really intelligent. Other than this exception, character boards, gifs for the cast, trailer and head banners, I believe images and videos can be a distraction to the reader.


Me too.