Readers - Do you like media and graphics in books?


Yes and no. If it’s appropriate to the context of the story, I don’t mind media and graphics. Sometimes an image can make a big difference. However, if pictures are breaking up every other paragraph it can be distracting and it will actually prevent me from finishing the book. I think there had to be a balance.


Hmm… My book is going to include an illustration on each chapter so I’m curious about this topic. It’ll be my illustration of course. Any thoughts on this?


As long as it doesn’t take away from the story, I think it sounds good :smile:


It’s just going to be an illustration of an event that happen in the book so I doubt it will. I won’t post something like an image of a character clothing. That’s just dumb.


I don’t mind graphics or media. My only complaint is that some people use it to be lazy in describing a character, clothing, or location.

But no, I generally don’t mind it (a small disruption to my focus while reading, but not too bad).


Liking and not liking it is relative, really. I think media/graphics can have a really great impact on a story if they’re used correctly. It depends on the story as well. There are some stories that require the readers’ imagination in order to draw them in and feel like they’re a part of the story. But there are some stories with scenes that are hard to describe, making it equally hard for the readers to imagine them, that’s when I think the media/graphics help. Though I feel like too much media/graphics aren’t a very good idea, especially when they’re placed in between paragraphs and when it’s only there to show what a character is wearing and whatnot.


I absolutely love when stories have nice chapter headers or an aesthetics page I think it really adds to the overall feel of the story. I also like when authors accompany the chapters with suitable music to listen to while you read.

However, like a lot of people have stated, I think it really takes away from the story if people are using pictures in the middle of the story in lieu of actually describing places/characters/outfits. I’m reading for a REASON I want to use my imagination. I don’t want to read a book where it’s like “She walked into a room that looked like this: (insert random room picture)” or “The guy she met looked like this”. Use your words please. It also comes off as lazy as well tbh if the author can’t bother with simple descriptions.


I voted for ‘no, I don’t like them’ but let me explain: I personally only have character aesthetics in the beginning to give readers a look what kind of people my characters are but that’s all.

Honestly, pictures bother me sometimes, especially when they’re not needed. I see a lot of pictures of outfits or houses or cars etc. and I think what is the point? I like to use my own imagination and see those in my mind in my own way with the help of author’s explanations.

Music? I never really listen to the songs the author has put there so I don’t really care, especially since it’s up and not in the middle of the character like the huge imagines.


If it’s put on just the top or the bottom of a chapter, or if it’s something simple to be used as a scene divider, it’s fine. But when they’re used as an excuse for lazy writing (e.g. setting), it’s a problem. Also, too many pics and videos disrupt the flow of reading.


For me personally, it really depends on the sort of story. If you’re writing fantasy or sci-fi, for example, where there is a large amount of description involved, I personally don’t like a large amount of media as I prefer to rely upon the writer’s description and create an image in my head. I tend to ignore cast lists and stock images of characters and settings for this reason. But I also adore graphic novels and comics, which are obviously on the opposite end of the spectrum. I suppose it’s really personal preference, so if you want to create a story with lots of graphics, go ahead! That’s the great thing about WP, you’re bound to find all sorts of people who have the same tastes as you :relaxed:


It depends. I have used graphics in my own books but only headers and footers. In my fanfiction stories I added a small number of screenshots (3 maximum per chapter) to some chapters. I also devote a page to moodboards. They look pretty cool as long as they are limited, and the main focus is on the quality of writing.


I read offline so like… any media is kinda wasted on me because it won’t load for me, anyway.

That said before I read offline [fuck the ads, seriously], I did see a lot of media in books and found it… weakened the impact of the prose. There’s only one book I’ve read that had media in it that didn’t make me want to throw the book, and that was V.A.P.I.'s Brief Pleasure here on wattpad.


I really like when there’s photos or illustrations at the beginning or end of a chapter, but any media on the middle of the chapter rips me out of the story


A lot of people read offline. If your story is completely dependent on graphics you’ve lost them. (Because last I remember, graphics don’t get downloaded with the story? But they might have changed that when they made it necessary for you to upload graphics directly from your computer.)

Chapter headings and character illustrations are cool, but anything that is tied to the story has is faults.


I do like it, but only when it makes sense in the story :slightly_smiling_face:


No… though with exceptions. For instance, if I’m reading a story that includes an unfamiliar song reference, I’ll probably look it up. So maybe a YouTube to the song would be nice.

But mostly, I just ignore anything but the writing. Which is one of the reasons I never read graphic novels.


When I write I leave in the song that I listened to when writing


I don’t like it. I prefer to read the story and form my own image in my head of the characters based on the author’s description. I also don’t have the luxury of listening/watching music videos while on Wattpad, as I don’t always have my headphones with me


I do like graphics but I think it needs to enhance the writing and not be used as a crutch.


I like it, on one condition:
Nothing more than two pictures on the top, possibly a divider, and two pictures at the bottom. No casts lists. No random pictures in the middle of chapters. No photographs of what you imagine the room to be like. No.

I like simple headers and banners and such. I’m a sucker for character art and maps, too. Especially if they’re custom-made.