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Oi, oi!

So, I was wondering about something the other day. Are you guys ever afraid of doing a repeat of Twilight? Not like, become a massive best selling author - but depicting vampires in a way that’s just kind of… meh?


Personally, I’m not afraid of that. My vampires do not sparkle and are sure as hell not ‘vegetarian’. Some may play nice, but many are monsters. No worries in that department. What about you?


Hah, not having sparkly vampires is a very good first step for sure!

Actually yes. Since it’s Historical Fantasy/Romance I’m starting to think if I’m actually doing the vampires justice. Like, one is super into the whole “let’s go ice a bunch of people, because they’re beneath us!” while the other is more like “I was literally a human being like last year, I don’t wanna do this.”

So, yah, doubts.


Well, isn’t that the whole issue with vampire psychology.

Yes I know, in some lores vampires are gods/created/etc… but in the type I talk about, the human turned into a vampire there is that fact that they once were human. So you can work with the ever fight between what it means to be a human and what it means to be a predator of humans that can easily take a few out.
So much fun you can have.
This is why I like the human turned vampire thing!

It dares to ask questions that we as humans should ask ourselves too!


Yeah exactly! Exactly that was my intention as well. One is turned, while the other was made by Death, the goddess. So obviously the godly made one has no issues as he was never human, but the other was human and then turned. So he doesn’t understand the godly made one’s logic behind “humans are beneath us.”

But I’m still afraid he’s going to be annoying with his whole “I’m not gonna drink human blood” thing - because he has no issues drinking from the godly made vampire. Or deity, technically. He just doesn’t wanna drink from humans - unless he kills them… The deity keeps live humans around as servants and bloodbags, basically, and the turned vampire doesn’t like that.

I’m rambling, I realise :joy: Does it make sense?


Interesting. Your Death is female?

Yep! And so is Life :slight_smile:

Huh. My Death is a guy. He’s two tiers lower than the goddess of Life, ironically.

What are all your different gods?

@masticina how are your vampires created?

There’s Life and Death - they made everything.
Then there’s Love - he’s a dude.
And then there’s an unnamed trickster god who generally just trolls people.

And that’s as far as I’ve gotten with the gods. Death has deities to help her out with giving people a new life (the godly made vampires are the deities, the turned ones are the ones that gets a second chance)

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Popping in to say hi and welcome. ^~^


Hi and thanks! :smile:

How’s it going?

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Fine just getting over sleepiness. How about you? What do you have plan for today?


Coffee helps. Want a cup? :coffee:

My friend is coming over in a while, and before that I’m getting dinner. It’s 5 PM here :smile:


You remind me I’ve only eaten a bit of bread in the past 15 hours… dammit, I’m hungry now :stuck_out_tongue:


Go! Eat now!


I’m starving. Guess I’ll get some fruit.