Reading list esthetic

Hello !

This is something I noticed many many months ago… And I was wondering if this is bug, an error or something that was wanted by Wattpad HQ.

On the web, this is how reading lists are showing.

Only three stories are showing up. But I remember that before we could see four stories ! Am I alone that is being annoyed by the fact that there is an empty space to put a fourth story but that only three stories are showing up ?

It would look so much better like this :

Don’t pay attention to the fact that there are three stories only in this reading list. The problem is affectin all reading lists

So please, Wattpad… can you bring it back to four stories ?

Thank you !

Isn’t it just showing 3 because there’s 3 in the list?

I showed the wrong example, but it’s doing it with all the reading list.

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Ahhh, I see. That’s odd.

Yeah, this design makes me a little bit cringe Hahah
There is space to put four stories, why are they not doing it ? Before, it was showing four ! :rofl:


Are you on the web version of the site?

Yes, that is what I said

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I just checked desktop view on my phone’s browser and I can only see two stories and then wasted space.

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That’s weird Hahah
I think they get a little bit of a hard time managing space ! :joy:

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Mobile version on the browser shows 3.

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But I want four like before :joy:

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Four would be cool.

Yes because I cannot not cringe over this :rofl:

I’m just like… why ?

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It may have something to do with screen size, as my reading lists show five books.

But I do agree, Wattpad’s space management in regards to this… kinda of suck.

What… the Hell :joy:

My PC is 14"

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Yea, it’s definitely related to screen size then haha (still doesn’t help that the space isn’t well optimized). My screen is 24".

Use Ctrl + or - to change the page’s font size and you’ll get between three and five books in reading list.

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It doesn’t work, sorry :confused:

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On Chrome, this only changes the size of the page elements and doesn’t affect the amount of books that appear in the list.

On Google Chrome browser?

Works for me.