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A Read for Read thread

Hello my name is Jaye, and I would like to offer my reading services. I love fantasy, scifi, romance, just about anything as long as it’s written well.
General services offered:
■ 1 chapter and 1 comment on your story
■ 2 chapters and 2 comments or 1 overall review
■ 3+ chapters, 3+ comments, and 1 deep analysis this might have to be done through pm
please note; that payment is the same on my book, and the more you request the more time it will take me so please be patient. If you have a specific request, for example 2 chapters and first impression, just ask!
1. Wait until I accept your request.
2. Complete payment which can be on one of my books, whichever draws you in.
3. Don’t be shallow.
whatever you choose, you must return on one of my books after acception
World of Hiroku
Darkness Before Dawn
■Service request:
■Link to story:
■what book you will be reading:

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@Paridhi_Mirza accepted. 1 chapter and comment completed
@Mishkady accepted. 2 chapters and comments completed
@underwatt accepted 2 chapters and 2 comments/general review completed
@GoldenHour21 accepted deep analysis, 7 chapter/comment completed
@angelikagrae accepted 3 chapters, comments & review completed
@Nelly_Starfields accepted 3 chapters/comments completed
@SethAMott accepted 1 chapter/comment completed
@RyanChimes accepted 1 chapter/comment completed
@Eliviasalt accepted 1 chapter/comment completed
@amelierhys accepted 3 chapters/comments completed
@shadowwarrior accepted 3+ chapter, comment, analysis awaiting payment


One Last Call

When Depression and Anxiety takes its hold on you, you turn to your closest person for help. Before surrendering to the pain, Dhira makes a call to her brother. Her one last call.

I would really like your comments on the first and only chapter. And why don’t you suggest which one of yours should I go for


Title: Corvus: WICA

■Summary: Kate Graham, devoted student to the William Isaak Corvus Academy, prophet candidate, and witch. Three facts that have persisted in Kate’s life for the last three years. Three facts that are threatened by the new rising deaths in the academy.

Kate’s only wish for her last year at the academy was to sail smoothly. Study hard, pass al the exams, make it to the tests and earn the title of prophet. She never imagined that she’d have to solve murders, protect civilians and battle outcasts with more magic than the High priest himself.

And never in her wildest fantasies, she expected to fall in love in the midst of all the chaos.

As if her life wasn’t complicated enough, she had to make the hardest choice of her life at the end of the year. Serve the goddess and renounce to her life, or reject the prophet crown that she had dreamed about for years and maybe have a chance at life, if her heart doesn’t fail her first.

■Service request: 2 chapters 2 comments.

■Link to story: Corvus

■what book you will be reading: Darkness before Dawn


Accepted, I will be happy to give comments on your first chapter.

Read this one


Interesting. Your book sounds pretty packed as a story. Added to my queue :slight_smile:

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■Title: oakland lights
■Summary: 1996. “dandelions growing from concrete, sunlight dripping down stripper’ legs and boys tangled in bed.” [honestly that’s not even the actual summary because i never wrote one LMAOO but basically it’s set in the marvel/ black panther universe but it’s about this guy and his feelings for this other guy + a lot of drama thats happening in the 90s!!]
■Service request: 2 chapters and 2 comments or 1 overall review-- whichever is easier for you!
■Link to story:
■what book you will be reading: i’ll most likely be reading darkness before dawn! <33

thank you so much if you end up choosing this!! <33

Accepted. But I’m going to be honest, I haven’t really watched black panther or the last two marvel movies (end game and civil war) because everyone spoiled them for me so if that ties in a lot I don’t know if I’ll pick up that lol. But I love the marvel universe even though my heart is forever dc

LMAOO honestly don’t even worry about it!! it has nothing to do with the new marvel movies-- and there’s nothing about black panther in the first 2 chapters that i’ve posted so you’re safe LMAOOO <333 and omg thank you so much for accepting!! and JSDFJDHF i totally get it, i used to be hella dc and then black panther happened but then titans on netflix happened and i’m just. here now LMAOO

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Title: Life of a Mean Girl
Summary: Jessamine Lockhart is titled the mean girl of Creek Hollows High. She’s the stereotypical blonde cheer leader with big blue eyes; sleeping around and terrorizing the students is the norm for her, until the school’s nerd gets thrown into the mix, that’s when she starts to question everything she stands for.
Service request: 3+ chapters, 3+ comments, and 1 deep analysis
What book you’ll be reading: I’m interested in reading both of them

Accepted. I will give general comments while reading and send you an overall review/critique through pm. How many chapters exactly?

You can read 7 chapters and if you’re hooked, you can continue. Thank you for doing this. :slight_smile:

Okay :slight_smile: I will get it asap, but due to the length of the request it will take me some time.

I understand, take your time. There’s no rush. :smile:

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All caught up!

hello! I would love to join.

Title: Fishbowl
■Summary: Teen fiction / Romance about a girl who thinks she might like her best friend.
■Service request: 4 chapters, comments & overall review
■Link to story:
■what book you will be reading: World of Hiroku

Accepted. I love the title. My book on Hiroku only has three chapters up currently so I’ll only be able to do three chapters. Adding you to the queue

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Hey, just finished with your three :slight_smile:

Hey, I completed your payment! I would appreciate some feedback! :slight_smile:

Rainbow Guardians

Starland is a planet that is full of hope and light. However, long-oppressed darkness is awakening and threatens the dimension starting from there. Lord Stephen Hugo and Shadow Galactica try to revive the imperial wishes of Negavise, becoming the Harmonial Emperor. To obtain this wish, the exiled and oppressed side of the darkness has to crash the five kingdoms. The Harmony Dimension is facing an existential crisis. The cores of their planets are about to perish! The princesses of the five kingdoms, Nelly, Anny, Julia, Shanya and Neesha have to stop this before it’s too late. However, will they succeed?


The first three chapters of the story, 3+ comments

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Accepted I will get on it ASAP

@angelikagrae yes, I’m trying to read your book but my Wattpad isn’t loading anything. I’m lucky this finally loaded.

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