Hello. :DD

you sit there, munching on a cookie or some nuts or some snack and then BAM you have a story idea.
(or maybe that’s cliche how-i-got-a-story-idea and you just got yours by watching a movie) You write it all out and damn. You have a decent story. Or so you think. And then you wait for the reads. The comments. The votes. crickets. Nothing happens.

Eheh. Why would it, you need exposure. You need people to know it exists so then they can read it. So how do you do that? No idea?

lol same.

So i turn to le wattpad community. Hey there. Yes, you. I’m offering reads for reads. You have to comment at the end of each chapter so that i know you’ve read it and please eheh— try to enjoy it. Don’t skim through it. However many chapters you read. I’ll do the same.

few lil rules tho— not reading ANY ADULT FICTION, with explicit scenes or gore. So that’s that. Will read anything else from teen fiction to fanfics to adventures to horror, i’m at your service :DD

Also, lovely people, please keep in mind that when i accept your offer, i add it to my reading list. And i do. I ALWAYS. ALWAYS. READ it. I like to take time doing it. I don’t just rush through. So bear with me. It’ll be done in under a week. And you know, in case it’s not done, FEEL FREE TO PM ME. and give me a friendly reminder. :heart:

COMPLETED BY: @C_v_D @lilmisspeekaboo @IDA_X23 @IvashkovLightwood @Zahraa167 @calmwolf @William_Penn @Misty_Nights @Bluestorme @DAFY01 @elkisses @Hananbajrai913 @kkimberlyn @MissyFloral13 @Celestia786 @BekkiClackett @NocturnalPearl @MisterMayB @YeetManStan @angiexxddl @kmmmcekd @Muffcakezzz @Angelicahugh @JWWang @sspiderling @diva_dani

CURRENTLY AWAITING PAYMENT : @translucidity @CoralScholes (six chapters to do) @Manisha_Sagadaya

WAITING LIST: @kkimberlyn @Muffcakezzz @sspiderling @spxcedream

Here’s the link to my story:

I hope we can all help each other and thank you to everyone who plans on participating :> :heart:

very sincerely and wid luv,
imk :DD

Heya interested in your reAd for read offer. I’d like you to read my book Colder than Stone and comment.

I will gladly look over Outcast.

Let me know if you’re up for it.

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i’m so up for it, going to get to it right now! <3


Will start now as well. :relaxed:


i must say, this really seems legit. i’m down dude, respond whenever if the feeling’s mutual


yes. i. am. so. down.
let’s do this >:D

WHOO here we go dude.
the book i’m trying to get into the blinding spotlight is called Stephen the Cheerleader

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YASSS. okay. lemme get to it. mine’s called outcast, it’s a bit hard to find so you might want to use the link above :DDD

will do.
okay i’m actually so peppy about this.
so how does it work, we leave comments as feedback on every chapter after reading it, right?


yesss that’s how it goes

seems super legit.
let’s get to it then, shall we?

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we most certainly shall, i’ve already read your author’s note hehe >:D

same to you i was actually commenting on your prologue.
it’s really good btw

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hehe thank youu, happy reading lol

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Hey! @imk1709

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heyy, i see you noticed i tagged you lol

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i shall enjoy dude. i shall enjoy.

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Hi! I’d love to participate this trade, if you find my book Fractured Red interesting enough :smiley:



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let’s. do. this. :DDD