Reads for Reads ( open again )



Hey Everyone,

I want to read some new books. So offer me yours if you have yours. The password is your own username. It can be ongoing or completed. But please don’t give me poems and sequels. I don’t read much poem. I’ll read at least 3 chapters of your book but if I like it very much, I’ll add it to my reading list to read it later. I have exams this month that’s why I’ll read only 3 chapters for now.

What I’ll give
• Feedbacks on your book if I like it or not and why I like or not.
• I am not good at determine grammar mistakes but I’ll try.
• I don’t do critiques, I just read. But if something wrong catches my eyes, I will tell you.

What I want as a payment?
• Nothing much. Just give my book a chance to please you with its story. It only has 3 chapters as I started it recently.
• Give some feedbacks for my book.
Here’s the link to the book: The Lost Queen

I hope you like it.

Use this format to give your requests.


Title of the book:
Plot Summary:
Link to the book:
Payment completed?:

1. Fallen by The_Twi1ight_Prince ✓

I’m waiting for your responses. :slight_smile::slight_smile:


Hi! I would love to do a read for read with you!


Title of the book: Different Worlds
Username: @lilwavex
Genre: Romance/ Teen Fiction
Ongoing/Completed: Ongoing
Plot Summary: Since her mother’s death, Amelia West has wanted nothing more than to follow in her footsteps and attend Manchester College. When the acceptance letter finally arrives, everything else in her life seems to fall into place. Mia’s best friends will be by her side in college and her family is as happy as they can be.

Her life was planned out perfectly. Until a simple accident sends Mia’s life in a direction that she never expected.

Literally bumping into Prince Xavier Windsor of Mandosia made enough of a mess, but when Mia discovers that he and his brother are attending the same college, complicated isn’t a big enough word to cover their relationship. As Xavier tries to get closer to her, they’ll both find out if love is enough to keep two people from separate worlds together.
Link to the book:
Payment completed?: I will complete payment tomorrow, currently it’s really late at night here. But your novel has been added to my library! :smile:
Password: lilwavex

I hope you do enjoy my novel!!


Accepted. :slight_smile:


I read three chapters. It’s good. I love romance(I mean genre). I will sure read more chapters later. But not because it’s about romance. I’ll read because I loved this book. I added it to my reading list. :slightly_smiling_face:


Title of the book: His Eternal Muse
Username: @BiblioWrites
Genre: Teen Fiction
Ongoing/Completed: Ongoing
Plot Summary:
Katrina Jones is a 16 years old high school teenager who enjoys football, reading and social card games. She is kind, matured and loving, but can also be very sensitive and a bit boring. Her love towards animals are indescribable and the only aim in her life is to start her own animal shelters.

With excellent grades in Lakeside High School and balanced lifestyle, everyone including herself thought that she has a perfect life. Unfortunately, things started to change when she discovers the dark truth about her life on her 17th birthday but what she isn’t prepared for is for her former best friend, now an enemy, Shawn Parker to return to her life after a huge gap of 5 years.

Shawn Parker is the popular guy in Lakeside High School and has dated almost half of the girls population in his school. Tall, handsome with a striking baby blue eyes, he has his own dark sides and secrets which nobody knows except his best friend Dylan.

Both Katrina and Shawn hated each other since middle school for the reason best known to themselves. So now that Shawn is back, does he wanted to rekindle his friendship with her or does he want something more serious between them?

How does Katrina going to accept the truth about her life? How does she going to deal with Shawn?
Link to the book:
Payment Completed?: Will be completed by tomorrow
Password: BiblioWrites

Thank youu in advance and I hope you’ll like my book :slight_smile:


Accepted but as it’s night in my country so I’ll read it tomorrow morning. :slightly_smiling_face:


I would love some feedback on my story (if you enjoy reading it, feel free to keep on reading!)

Title of the book: The Legend of the Moonflower Princess
Username: jgrace2197
Genre: Fantasy, High Fantasy, Epic Fantasy
Ongoing/Completed: Ongoing
Plot Summary: After her adopted younger brother is kidnapped by the minions of a mad sorcerer, a young woman must journey through a magical world in order to rescue him.
Link to the book:
Payment completed?: No
Password: jgrace2197


I read it as it has only 1 chapter so I didn’t wait for tomorrow. I liked it and I added it to my reading list. :slightly_smiling_face:


Accepted and I will read it tomorrow. :slightly_smiling_face:


I would also like to have some feedback on my story too.

Title of the book: Ami’s Adventure
Username: @Haruka547
Genre: Fanfiction, Musical, Romance
Plot: Ami, her friends and family goes on a vacation to Florida for a month. Along the way they meet Laito(A Seductive Lounge Singer) and Tugger(A Flirtatious Jellicle cat as a human) and as they go on the vacation, They learn that friendship and fun are the keys to a better life
Ongoing/complete: Complete
Link to the book:’s-adventure
Payment completed: No
Password: Haruka547


payment completed




Title of the book: Neighborhood Monster
Username: @jayjay_ash
Genre: Dark Romance, Thriller, Teen Fiction
Ongoing/Completed: ongoing
Plot Summary: This is my blurb
He’s a monster.
I witnessed it first hand. He told me to keep my pretty mouth shut or else. I did, thinking I’d never see him again. I was wrong, I saw him everyday. Bullying me, humiliating me, and threatening me.
Still I kept his secret. Now he’s outside my house, banging on my door.

He says I betrayed him. He says he has to punish me. I’m scared but a part of me is excited. I shouldn’t like him. He is my bully.

I shouldn’t want to know his secrets. I shouldn’t want to wake him from his nightmares. I shouldn’t crave his warm touches. I shouldn’t long for his sweet word. I shouldn’t want his pain. After all he is the neighborhood monster.

Warning contains mature content and may be triggering
Read at your own risk

Link to the book:
Payment completed?: Not yet
Password: jayjay_ash




Title: Innocence
Genre: Teen Fiction
Ongoing/Completed: Ongoing
Link :
Plot Summary : Moani Lamar, now an 11th grader in high school thinks she has it all figured out. She’s been through it, all right? Wrong. As she meets new people and finally starts to become a social butterfly she finds it quite difficult to keep her innocent composure as many people reveal unique puzzle pieces of their lives. Being a helping hand she tries to help everyone else but, can Moani keep herself together and continue to grow or will she dwell under the pressure to be someone she’s not made up to be?
Payment Completed


Accepted :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for agreeing to read my novel! It means a lot and I’m so glad that you’re enjoying the book so far!

Yeah, I don’t want to be focused on too much romance even tho it’s in the romance category lol. I like to see my characters develop to a point where romance will eventually occur, just like reality :wink:

Getting to your book now!!


Title of the book: War Mage Sixteen
Username: @DomiSotto
Genre: fantasy
Ongoing/Completed: ongoing

Plot Summary: Chong Xi knows exactly what he is - a warmage- and he is qualified to do the job. He meets every challenge of his chosen profession heads on. The demon Horde’s invasion sweeps aside his plans, making him forsake everything, even his humanity.

Link to the book:
Payment completed?: on acceptance, I would prefer To start with 1chapter exchange, rather than 3 in a row, as I had been in a situation before when r4r was not returned
Password: DomiSotto



Title of the book: Dark SKies
Username: sarahrreading
Genre: High Fantasy Dark fantasy
Ongoing/Completed: Ongoing, only 3 chapters
Plot Summary:
Power and strength-it’s what Enchanters swear by.

Kamïlla Night is a powerful Enchanter of her era. With fire running through her veins and air as an affinity, her powers are her instincts to protect her at the deadliest of moments and to save her from the kiss of death. From the earliest of years, Kamïlle has been training under the banner of her disciplinary father, fulfilling a destiny that can only belong to her. A destiny that many believe has ceased to exist, and if discovered by others, will cost Kamïlle her life.

When a blood stricken night has Kamilla encountering the deadly Alite, a brigade of the fiercest Enchanters in the realm, led by the ruthless but cunning warrior, General Jaxius, she realizes that death is only the sinister beginning.

Caught in a cold game of cat and mouse, any physical training she had falls secondary to the mental battle that Kamilla must fight and win, with pure strategy, when she meets face with the worthiest opponent.

Enemies are hellbent on hunting her down and a Kingdom threatens her very existence, Kamilla will do anything to fulfill her fate. But with unlikely allies and a conflicting attraction, the lines between opponent and ally begin blurring when she glimpses the costs of answering a deadly promise.

In a world of blood and darkness, loyalties can switch and Kamilla must choose a side.
Link to the book:
Payment completed?: completed (I also have already read alot of your book, weird coincidence! haha
Password: sarahrreading