Reagent Press?


I’ve been doing some research and looking at publishers who could potentially be interested in Fantasy stories. Based on what I can tell on the Reagent Press website, they specialize with Fantasy and they also appear to accept novellas.

Has anyone had any experience publishing with them? I thought their process was a bit interesting considering they want the writer to contact them directly when querying with them. I’ve always had the assumption that you need an agent.


I’m not anywhere near ready to publish yet, but they caught my eyes because of how prominently mentioned Fantasy is on the website.


The Big Five may require an agent, but small presses often accept unsolicited work.

This press also claims Ingram as a distributor, which is a good sign. Anyone can set up a small press these days, but it takes a small press with a major distributor to get your book in bookstores, and Ingram does that.

At first sniff, I’d say they’re legit.


Never heard of them, or the author (that’s not a deal breaker), and it looks like their website hasn’t been updated in a decade. I’m trying to research what other authors have got to say on other forums, and everything is also quite old.

As stated above, there are some small, indie publishers that do not require an agent.

I personally, just from quick glance, wouldn’t touch this one.


To be clear – Ingram is a catalog. Some bookstores order through Ingram. Being in the catalog means they are ABLE to order your book. It in NO WAY increases the likelihood that they WILL order your book. Bookstores don’t just flip through the catalog and order stock. Publishers send reps out – like drug reps – who introduce the books in that season’s offering and negotiate a commitment to buy.

Indie publishers can list in Ingrams. For a publisher to say they list there means NOTHING.


Reagent Press is an indie writer who decided being indie published gave him the experience to be a traditional publisher. (It does not.)

I honestly would give it a miss.


@MakaylaSophia I think I’ll pass on this one. Thanks.


I stand corrected.


It’s a really common misconception – pushed by the publishers who list their books there and by Ingram itself!


I’d give them a hard pass after a 30 second glance at their books on Amazon. The most awful home made covers and ranks in the millions. Of the books that have reviews… they’re not good. Not only is it a self published author trying to appear to be a small press… it’s a self published author with NO CLUE.

And ditto to what XimeraGrey said about Ingrams. Getting a catalogue listing is easy (all mine are in the Ingrams catalogue) getting actual shelf space requires a difference process. For example, some years ago you had to complete a marketing package to even be considered by B&N for physical placement. That package included ebook sales, awards, 5-star reviews and a detailed marketing plan outlining how you would drive traffic to their store. Then even if you get shelf placement, you need a publisher who is willing to pay for cover out (instead of spine out) and end of shelf placement etc. Better visibility in a store costs extra.