Realistic Drawings (Pets, Portraits, and OCs!)

Hey y’all. I need to build up a portfolio and really wanna draw you, your pets, favourite animals, and even OCs. They will be in a realistic style. Please read my rules before you request!!!

Thank y’all so much for supporting me by requesting, it’s so appreciated and so so helpful!! This is gonna help me push my art, give me more examples for freelancing, and give an opportunity to increase my scholarships at school, which is very good lol

-I won’t do all of these, and if I deny yours, sorry
-Photo must be high quality! No fuzzy ones, please
-if you want me to draw OC, you need to provide with reference of the OC, pose you want (with the lighting you want) and be very detailed
-These can take about a week, and lots will be done in the airport this weekend lol
-Payment isn’t mandatory (they’re free BC I need practice) but if ya want to go comment on my book (The Elementals May motivate me to draw faster ^.^
-if you use the image (post it on book, socials, whatever) you need to tag me (KathrynMarie.Art/KathrynMarie-Art) with credit and link back.
-colour palette is required. Colourlovers has great ones!

Good placed for photos and refs? Pinterest, tumblr, pexels, etc. (my Pinterest has some good pics if you want to search though)


These are my few samples so far. Some art not done, but it’s to help show the process shots I may send you.

image image image



Image to paint (link):
General description (if oc):
Colour palette:
Pose (if oc):
Reference images (character sheets, lighting, etc. if you want flowers in dog portrait, what kind?)
Anything else:

Go nuts lol and please help this gal get practice!

i love your drawings

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Aw thank you! It means so much!

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Image to paint (link):
General description (if oc):
Colour palette:
Background: plain color, the lightest blue to go with his eyes
Pose (if oc):
Reference images: Sunflowers would be super cute, also I have lots of poses if you need a different one, he had a professional photoshoot done :joy:
Anything else: Your drawings are beautiful and I would be glad to check out your story!

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I’d love to see some of the other poses so I can have some choice on which one to go with!

Awesome, here are some more

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Probably gonna go for the third!

Whichever is easier for you! Thank you!

Hi there :slightly_smiling_face:

As per Wattpad’s Terms of Service offering services with monetary payments is not allowed via the clubs, so I’m afraid your post has been edited to remove the part about commissions.

Thanks for understanding :blush:

Hollie - Community Ambassador

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Thanks Hollie :slight_smile:

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I’m on a plane on Thursday so if y’all want to keep me busy y’all should request :stuck_out_tongue:

yoooo bookmarking this for later. your work. is woooow.

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Aw thanks!

Starting the sketching phase tomorrow, and it will hopefully be all done tomorrow!!

Bump! Need a few more to do on he plane tomorrow

I have a drawing I did of my covershop mascot, Magic Fox. I’m curious to see him in your style. If you can, it would be awesome.

Image to paint (link):


General description (if oc): I guess he’s an OC :stuck_out_tongue: Red and orange fiery gradient red fox with slightly sparkling fur because he’s magical. Front legs are dark brown, back legs are lighter brown (calls them his lucky boots). His tail tip is white. He often wears this smug smile on his face or a smirk. His ears are dark brown and so are his eyes and nose. He has white fur on the bridge of his nose. He’s also got some white fuzzy fox cheeks.

Colour palette:

a%20red oranges


Pose (if oc):
Like this, just sitting in the woods.

Tail should be visible coming out from the side like how I tried to draw it.

I would like the light to be hitting how it would if Magic Fox was sitting under the light in the forest in the background pic above. So probably the light would hit his head and some of his body and tail. He’s a magical fox, so his fur can have a little more shine/sparkle to it than normal (not necessary to have, however).

Reference images (character sheets, lighting, etc. if you want flowers in dog portrait, what kind?)
I kind of already gave the reference picks above :stuck_out_tongue:
Here he is in my style one more time but without the words.

Anything else: I’m just really curious to see him in your style. Your drawings are awesome, btw. I envy people who can draw so realistically. Thank you for considering :slight_smile: