Really Wattpad? Really?



I sent in a help ticket to report an underage user using a comment they posted on a book I was reading. The user said they were 11 years old. The response team first sent me an automated message, so I replied with the link to the comment where they stated it, a screenshot of the comment, the title and author of the book, a link to the book, as well as the link to their profile. They closed the ticket because I didn’t give enough information. This user explicitly stated that they were underage. This is a problem, especially since the book they were reading was mature. So, what am I supposed to do next time I see a user explicitly stating that they are underage? Nothing? Just let it fly because clearly the “support” team doesn’t care?

Seriously at a loss here.
SMH Wattpad :expressionless:


That’s basically what they told me.



maybe @Angelic_Vamp can help you


I also have a complaint for wattpad. They won’t let me place any links right now and its bugging me espically when the chat was for promoting books



Please read this
Trust Levels: What are they and how do they work

It will explain everything


Gavin had replied to @FantasybkLover about the same issue-

Support does care, Eden. The Trust and Safety team at Wattpad genuinely care. Count on it. Otherwise you wouldn’t have staff like Gavin, Gabby or Nick responding to comments.


Heh. Knew you would show up eventually XD




That is not closed. That is an auto and if they closed a staff would have responded.

Instead of comment please report user profile with the screenshot evidence and link then check ticket report.

You need web to access.

  1. Go to ‘Help’

  2. Upper right ‘Sign in’

  3. Click ‘my activity’

Ticket record is VERY HELPFUL as it shows status for if it’s going through or not and you can also add screenshot from file in there as well adding note. If the ticket status was something you can report bug ticket as that will notify HQ (and yes, it is really helpful to send bug).

You can also PM me about it.


It’s due to spambots one day so go to trust level thread that matz posted and you’ll be getting that level in no time :smiley:


So you’re saying that reporting users through comments doesn’t work? Or not in this particular case? I’m honestly trying to understand how this system works in case I ever need to report someone.


Did you write this before?


Sometimes some report option button also buggy so comment report might be. They are fixing I assume but the other options work so that’s an other way plan. This is reason why ticket record are the most handy way to notice also. :sweat_smile:


You can read this article for more info-


I do wonder if reporting and removing underage users will have any effect when they can always come back and open a new account? It’s unfortunate, though.


Most websites with chat/discussion forums have this problem.The best you can do is just keep reporting them. Besides how many members on here are below age 13 and have their account info saying otherwise? There isn’t really much Wattpad can do unless the member is stupid and says they are younger.

Anyway back on topic, Wattpad can make a script that will block a persons IP address preventing most people from coming back to the website if they want to bother coding it. There are ways to get around that too, nothing is perfect. It’s just one of the annoyances of being online.

@ Keeper People could request they block the underage persons IP and that would most likely work, so give that a shot.