Realm of vampires - Book club and community for vampire writers!



Greetings! From August the 8th, we started a community meant to revive the Vampire genre. With this, we also made a book club.

How does the book club work?

  • On the first day of every month, you will be matched with another author.
  • You have until the month ends to read five chapters of theirs - and they five chapters of yours.
  • You give eachother help and feedback through comments and possibly PMs
  • The next month, you will be matched with someone else.

How do I join?

We are awaiting your arrival in the Realm, and are ready to initiate you into the coven :smiley:


Blocks off the sunlight from getting through the windows using rubbish bags and wooden plates.

I am sure we get a lot of members here. Let’s kickstart this.


Just gonna bump this up


So far so good, been working on my story, slowly but surely putting more content on Wattpad. I still need to change its name but I will after this months round. I already have a better name ready.






Who here want to talk about vampire books on Wattpad?


I would love to, fair warning, I am in the middle of a move so…

I can’t really read or react that much.


And yes this also means my current book is in pause. You can’t write when you have to do administration, pack stuff in, throw stuff away and so on.

Once I am moved, very soon, and settled in I can put so much more time back into writing. And I got some great ideas.


I shot you a PM on Wattpad using the Realm account, as I don’t want to clutter this thread (I doubt we’re allowed to, seeing this is the really formal and serious ‘Story Services’ and stuff)


B u m p !


I would like to join but don’t necessarily have my stories up yet. Is there a way I could just be a reader for now?


There’s a members reading list up on the RealmofVampires account. Maybe you could reach out to the author of any book you find interesting and ask if they’d give you feedback later when you’ve published in exchange for your feedback now?


Is this the first five chapters? I’m still kind of editing chapter ten onwards.


You can just be a reader, if you wish. Then I’ll assign you to a different book club member monthly, so you keep getting different stories, until you have your own story to get feedback on (or as long as you like).


Yes, people will read chapter 1-5


I’ll think on it, but I have a crazy schedule these days. Writing a terms of service in such an antagonist way, … is just irresponsible.

I mean that’s the kind of thing Mastodon does.


I am not sure what you mean here. Could you clarify?


When you read on membership conditions, it’s written in such a way that writers are in the bad guys here, and then people don’t somehow have 72 hour work shifts. It’s completely unrealistic. No activity in a month? People know that would leave activity only on Sundays right?

While I don’t, some people still go to Church. It doesn’t leave any activity for them on their own.

I’d love to participate, and I don’t have 72 hours. But I have been editing everyday, and it’s time consuming.


I do not understand. I don’t require you to go to church or be here 72 hours. I only ask people to be here and contribute at least once a month, be it a few minutes or a few hours spread across the days.

This way, I can ensure everyone is still active and helpful.

If you don’t have time to join, then I will not force you by any means. You are free to do what you like, after all.