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I can do once a month.


Being part of the book club also counts as activity. If you do your part there, we do not require you to do anything else - though it is welcome, of course.


I can even do 5 times a week, though sometimes that may be 5 times on one day,


That is fine. As long as you are there at least once, we’re happy


So what does not having to completely revolve around vampires mean? It’s kind of ambiguous in this one, though I edited out most of the … stuff that would make a romance reader blush kind of stuff.

Other than say … Underworld … I don’t know if I could think of a work where the entire world was built around vampires.

But the MC is a vampiress.


It means that the story can be about, say, the age old war between vampires and werewolves. Or a gladiator story where the fighters are supernatural. As long as a vampire plays a major part in the book, it’s good. It doesn’t have to be all about vampires and vampire issues.


Ah awesome that’s perfect then, as I picked the issue to revolve around US vs. EU imperialism. Vampires are kind of a … minority group, similar to other ethnic backgrounds.

It’s really closer to movies like Near Dark and Another Man, Another Chance.


Does everything make sense and sound reasonable?


Yea. Just stressing out over nothing again I guess.:smiley:


No need to stress. You don’t have to join if you don’t have time to do so.


It is a pretty friendly group here. That and we have cookies. At least till someone at the ones I just put there two hours ago.


innocent look as she wipes away some crumbs


you really have to stop bringing cookies, they only disappear


I might, but I might revise my current vampire book first.




Suddenly… a big social event requiring a whole slew of characters which each require the basics done to them them real. HOOORAY!


Hi everyone


Hello :slight_smile:


Anything vampiric happening?


There’s currently a contest, if you count that. I still stand by my prompt, looking at the miserable weather outside