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I saw that. Maybe more people will join.


Hi everyone! :wave:t3::relaxed:




I’m not usual a book club person :sweat_smile: I never really know what to discuss!


Ah, this is mainly my thread to advertise it. The real discussion is between the paired members, or in the vampire threads. As said in the first post, it’s not like one book a week is chosen and everyone has to read it and talk about it. It seemed… a bit unfair, in my opinion. People seem to like this one-on-one thing more

But you’re welcome here regardless :slight_smile: I take it you write vampire?


Thank you! I feel very welcome! :blush:
I do, Vampire/LGBTQ+ and so far I’ve spent the most time working on it. I like to blend a lot of my writing with real historical events so a lot of my writing is mainly focused on world building.


Ah, you’d be the second leech/lgbt writer I know of (Hey @AWFrasier, does your viking/vampire book have it too?). Always nice to see diversity

Is there a link between vampire, lgbt and historical fiction? This is a bit suspicious :stuck_out_tongue:


It is! I love reading diversity (especially in genres like vampire). When I began writing I didn’t at first intend for my book to be included in the vampire genre (it was meant for fantasy) but after some reworking I think it fits the vampire genre nicely :blush:


There’s no true genres anymore, so it’s free to fit in anything you think is right


Yeah I feel like a lot of them blend together now


All my books are queer as heck :rainbow:


That makes 3






Hi everyone. Who else is up during daylight?


This one needs a bit of a bump


Yawny, eh busy month NaNo month…

Now if december wasn’t the month that throwing crap my way I would have quite a bit of time.


You think you’re gonna make it?


Of course, December always has been that dragon on my path.
I tell you, feast month for most, for me time to get out the sword again, put on the armor and hunt down whoever even THINKS about putting something in my way. Seriously, not everybody likes December…

It is the month for horror movies!


It’s the month of terrible music hijacking all radio stations