recomend your story as if it was a comercial


tired of teenage drama cliches?
wanna feel related to what happens?
wanna get both humor and drama in the same story?
Then my storie “B…F” is pefect for you.
you can use trivago if you want to jejes

I should be studying maths so you better reply


Middle School, a place of school spirit, cute boys, and queen bees who get their just desserts… This is not one of those Middle Schools. Just below the surface lays its true form, a desolate pit filled with inhuman abominations.


Do you love highly trained main characters?
Who are happy to take on the role of the hero to defeat the evil forces?
Moral and just and prepared to risk it all for the greater good?

Well you’re in the wrong place my friend, but for this week only you can get a free main character with the ability to lie well and the charming personality that lets her provoke everyone who can kick her ass!

If you buy today we can throw in a sneaky younger sister with a heart of gold, a cranky immortal and a nice magical solider who’s trying his best!

*Character Charlotte comes with companion cats, terms and conditions may apply


u used so many difficult words. I mean this could be a perfect commercial to buy a dictionary


What’s your point?

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I only want the cats. What shall I do about it?


use the discount code CATS, only 50 places available


is this sarcastic?
haha sorry if I ofended you, I wanted to make a joke as always
You must write really well and you have a really good vocabulary
I am argentinian so I don´t have much vocabulary

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jajaja It wasn´t for you, but I frogive you

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Oh that’s fine. Thanks.

A side note, I’m considering making two of the characters in this story Argentinian. if you don’t mind, do you have any tips about Argentinian etiquette, culture, and anything else you think can help me write them?

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that´s fantastic.
Well we aren´t the tipical latin stereotype you know: we don´t talk english badly, because we don´t have a strong absent. We are nothing like what Lele pons shows latins like jaja.
We are really pationate about everything (you should chech out some concerts in argentina from international artists jaja)
And it doesn´t matter what the subject is about we will discuss about it: You are a doctor, I am an actor, I will question you if you are doing a good surgery or not jaja.
We speak really differently from all latin people, you should compare the absent of an spanish person to an argentine one.
Hope this helps!
And I will read your book when it comes out.

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In a world where the sun has died and people get by with neon, where all the drinks contain alcohol but most of the bars serve cool jazz on a hot night, and where the blonde bombshell, the farmer’s daughter, and the girl next door all sucker you in with their crocodile tears, one man is brave enough to stand up against all the injustice. He walks a mean street, though he himself is not mean. He is Josh Slim, private eye.


Somewhere between dank memes and the latest bop, your escape from this dumpster fire reality is waiting. This one’s on the house 'cause your college tuition is costing you big time. Featuring multicultural characters that inspire a whole mood in this kinky threesome love story, this definitely ain’t your mother’s romance. In fact, she probably won’t even get it. Consider this book a protest in a blender. Looking for different? You’re it, Gen-Z. #GetAwayWithIt


This helps a lot! Thank you so much! Also this story is actually up now if you want to check it out. It updates every other Wednesday of a month.


Are you tired of your everyday life?
Would it be better if you had powers?
What if the powers included bringing things back to life?

Have no fear! Jasmine is here! She’ll show you what it’s like to lead a less than great life. You’ll see in action as she develops her new powers. You’ll also see her do things like grow plants and trees within seconds. If that’s not enough, she even heal her best friend who’s about to die.

What are you waiting for? Adventure awaits in The Element of Life.


Isn´t this the plot of Kylie Jenners life??
We don´t want cheaters in here

It is a joke ok?


I have another one.

Tired of the same old YA Novel?
Are all the YA Authors out of touch with today’s youth?
Do you just want to be understood?

You’ll love Liam. He just graduated from college and was hired write a YA Novel with little writing experience thanks to a desperate and struggling publishing company. OK, maybe Liam won’t understand you very well, but Giselle will. Giselle is a senior in high school. So read now and we’ll also throw in Ava a confused teenage girl.

But wait! There’s more! For all you fan of bad boys, you’ll get the bad boy package with Ricky.
What are you waiting for? With all this, you’ll get a fantastic YA Novel thanks to Liam and all his teen friends who understand you.


How about an anti-commercial?:

In a game world designed by vampire,
A princess consumes anti-hero’s world entire.
– Author fourth wall break: Now hold it right there!
I don’t want this book advertised.
No seriously, don’t read if you liked 1984.
The book builds up a false hope, and completely dashes it.

Seriously, this book is shit.
Don’t read it.

:stuck_out_tongue: (My first novella.)


Like sibling rivalries? Political intrigue? Merciless familicide? Creepy mythical creatures? All this and more in Shadows in the Trees, where all of the dark stuff is cut up by occasional sassy comments and a dash of romance. (attachment to characters sold separately)