recomend your story as if it was a comercial


I am a rebel. What if I read it?

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I do not have money


Go for it! I’m not against others loving or hating it.


Are you tired of all the books with nice, happy stories, and the rather boring use of magic in fantasy genres? Well screw them, because Trauma’s Child brings something new to the table! Set in modern america, this urban-fantasy provides a mature-based story centered around a girl having to deal with supernatural powers, as well as being the personal plaything of the government.

Having to deal with psychological nightmares from her past, and dealing with a future she can’t predict, this story shows a sense of gritty realism with every sentence on the page. If you are into darker stories that show little to no restraint, check out the book that merges a fairy tale with the harsh truths of reality!

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A small town.
A killer.
A dark secret.

This is…

Coming summer 2020.

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in a world of wonder
she was a girl with no memory
he was her saviour
together they set out on a journey of self discovery
join them in
The Girl That Fell From The sky

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