Recommend me a good lesbian novel!

What kind of story are you looking for? I am looking for some good Lesbian novels, the one with a nice rounded story, some cute fangirling romance story. I am incapable of finding such gems. I would like for it to be the main idea of the novel, although subplots are okay too.Please Help!


Are you okay with high fantasy in which the romance is a subplot?


The Sound of a Siren’s Call
When Arriana was born Deaf, it solved more problems than it caused.

Unable to hear the call of the sirens who raised her, she never saw a problem. With her father’s pirates all fluent in sign, she only ever felt the split of the underwater world of her mother and the pirating one of her father.

With the divide only growing farther apart, Arriana only ever seems to find more problems than she solves in her search for self.

So the conflict would be living in both world I presume? I don’t mind what genre it falls under just as long as it has what I am wanting to read.

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If you’re into Historical Fiction, A Woman Of The Sea by @JmFrey is seriously good! It won a Watty this year and it’s genuinely one of the best works I’ve read on this website.

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I actually love historical fiction! I will definitely check it out.

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I have a fantasy that has a f/f ace romance subplot… if that counts?
I’ve had a lot of compliments on the couple/romance aspect of the story ^^

The UnTitled


@NamiarTopit has a great lesbian short story that one with LGBTQ song fiction contest ^^


The conflict is a fantasy battle against government, but the subplot of the whole series (I pitched book 1 which updated Monday’s and Friday’s) is a romance between two girls. It comes into play later in the book (the LI is introduced in chapter 23) so if it’s not what you want, I understand.

No worries, I will still add it to my list of reads. So far I am loving that historical fiction novel that you recommended.

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Thank you for the recommendation, I will definitely read it.

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That wasn’t me, but I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

This is more of a coming-of-age story but you’re welcome to take a look at it if you want! Hope you find some cute reads! :heart:


When Ash comes out to her friends about being a lesbian, they suggest a plan to confirm her lesbianism before she comes out to her religious parents.

Ash is a fairly average teenage girl. She has a weakness for Asian food, good music, Japanese culture, art history, and…girls. She just hasn’t told her friends about the last weakness yet.

When she does come out to her friends as a lesbian, their response is a bit different than she expects. They tell her they don’t know if her one G-rated high school boyfriend is enough to judge all of boykind from. They know Ash’s parents are very religious and want Ash to be absolutely certain she’s a lesbian before she comes out to them.

Ash and her friends make a deal. If Ash tries going out with seven different guys and decides she is definitely a lesbian, her friends will help her come out to her parents.

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I have a dark, low-fantasy that has romance at the core of the story if you’d be interested!


Forced to surrender her detective badge, Mara Philips, a flippant, whiskey enthusiast returns to her lakeside hometown to do some soul searching, but is launched into a daunting mystery of her own when she awakens from a blackout, naked along the rocky shore, and her elderly neighbor’s dog has been brutally killed. Suspicious of the dog’s death and possibly her own involvement, Mara takes an unethical approach to investigate only to be caught red-handed by her neighbor’s estranged daughter, Dylan, an ex-military doctor, who is in town for the weekend. Despite the bizarre circumstances, Mara finds an unexpected ally in the doctor, and the women instantly develop an undeniable attraction for one another. But something is amiss in the eerie lake waters and they soon discover the dog isn’t the only victim.

Fliers for missing teenage girls are posted all over town and a mother desperate for answers, begs the unrefined, rogue detective to take her case. In order to solve the girl’s disappearance, Mara will have to navigate between the deep sea of deception and the safe harbor of loyalty after being thrust into an arcane world of liminal creatures, ultimately leading her on a journey of self-discovery.

Yo! This is my very lesbian techerxstudent story.
Title: Ms. Mitchell’s Favorite Student
Summary: Ashton Campbell, an emancipated minor with a troubled past & a knack for getting in trouble, finds herself enamored by her new AP Lit teacher. As she struggles with adulting and trying to get through her senior year unscathed, Ms. Mitchell always seems to be around to help. After discovering their fiery desire for each other, the two are left to decide whether or not they want to risk facing consequences for pursuing a relationship.
Yaw yeet thanks for listenin

“A human, a wulver, and a fairy walk into a witch’s hut.” It was like the start of a bad joke.

Fleeing from her home in the States after the death of her only family member, Atrium McKenna comes to Gargunnock, Scotland to mourn the death of her uncle. She meets up with a group of merry men led by the charming Callum who takes a downtrodden Atrium under his wing. Their unlikely friendship forges the way into a world that until now, she only thought existed in fairy-tales.

An apparition of a beautifully androgynous woman leaves her with more questions than answers on the legitimacy of her sanity and the security of her heart.

While her uncle leaves behind a story not yet finished that casts her into a web of dark fae. With a target on her head, she struggles to protect herself and come to terms with secrets her uncle left behind.

The fae hills are under siege and with it, her new group of family and friends. Would she have time to unravel it all before darkness descends upon the hills?

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Hey, I have an ongoing slowburn f/f rom-com if you’re interested! It’s been plot heavy so far but moving into the more romantic stuff now :wink:

Beautiful People
Summary - Fashion blogger and perpetual quitter Vera Kwan thinks she’s got it made when narcissistic young actor Carmen Juarez contacts her looking for a style glow-up, but between Carmen’s stubborn ego, an escalating gossip war, and Vera’s inconvenient attraction to Carmen’s prickly, gorgeous manager Sharise, this may not be the easy dream job Vera imagined.

As the chaos of awards campaigning heats up and a scandal threatens to capsize Carmen’s chances, Vera needs to figure out what matters most: making sure Carmen’s red carpet looks are fierce enough to control the narrative, proving to herself that she can see something through even when it seems impossible–or risking it all to show a skeptical Sharise that just like fashion, Vera is more than just pretty clothes.
Status - Ongoing
Genre - Romance, humour, chick-lit

I really enjoyed @its_artemis_actually’s I Object, which is a time-loop f/f rom-com (and complete). And I haven’t read @awfrasier’s Spirits and Crowns yet, because I prefer to binge when books are done, but it looks amazing and you should totally check it out! It’s a 1920s-type-era historical fantasy with a central f/f romance.

I got a slice of life teen fiction for you…
How can you tell if you are in love with someone? (Asking for a friend.)

Pasithea “Tea” Johnson is 98% sure that she is not in love with her best friend Sean. She isn’t even jealous of Sophie, his gorgeous out-of-town girlfriend. But once Tea and Sophie meet by chance, Tea wonders if she might unwittingly be part of a love triangle.

It’s spring semester of her junior year… entering the home stretch. Tea hopes that she and Sean can spend a lot of time together, that her developing friendship with Sophie won’t make things too weird, and that whoever is leaving creepy notes in her locker will just stop.

What do you do if you think you are being stalked? (Asking for a friend.)

(The story deals with someone gradually realizing that she is not straight.)

I also really liked Catching Rainbows by @FairlyLocalTreehouse
(gxg) Luna falls for Chloe at first sight . . . literally, off a ladder. And it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship, after Luna gets past the fact that Chloe is already taken.

They soon discover all the things they have in common; a love of colorful hair, beloved autistic family members, and the recent losses of their mothers, to name a few. Their time spent together is a much-needed solace to both girls . . . but it turns out it’s obviously a problem for some of the people in their lives.

Before long it becomes evident that Chloe’s relationship is less than healthy, and Luna vows to find a way to help her friend escape her bad situation and find her way back to herself.

That’s very find of you, @seaofgreen! Thanks for the shout-out!

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Hey :slight_smile: This is my story. It has drama in it too, but mostly lighthearted, and the romance part is cute (IMHO) :slight_smile:

Title: Cheeky in Love
Genre: romance/dramedy/LGBT+
Blurb: Fanny, a young lesbian woman seraches for her place in the world and it takes her somewhere she never thought she could ever belong. Despite being headstrong, rebellious, free spirited, and a little arrogant - so everything that a soldier shouldn’t be - she finds herself in the military, but the hardest part comes only after that. Before she could even realize, someone steals her heart, but unfortunatelly for her, that someone is her straight best friend who lives in a happy relationship.
She has never truly been in love before, and this particular case would be challanging even for someone much more emotionally prepared than her. She has to grow up somehow to handle the unrequited love as an adult should, it’s just not clear how she will do that.