after a clusterfuck of mess trying to get to this club, I’ve somehow managed it. No thanks to this “robot ambassador” or the “beta test survivors” or “moderators”. No help at all. This site is a mess ngl. but, onto the main topic at hand…

I’m looking for a good romance book. BUT here are a few specifications it needs to meet…

NO vampires, werewolves, supernatural being etc.
NO glorifying abusive behavior (eg. “boy breaking into my bedroom and i think it’s cute” or the bad boy types, or ANYTHING like that. posessive types, hold you against the wall when the MC is being “bad” types.)
NO homophobia/ sexism.
NO crazy ex girlfriends, people who are actively trying to break them up etc.
NO love triangles

that’s all. I’m open to everything else. But if ppl could stay away from the “nerdy shy girl” cliche that’d be cute xx

People can’t advertise their stories outside of the share your story category, but the share your story area has been majorly updated and might be helpful!

The romance one is here:

Check out the different threads of multiple romance sub genres and see if anyone has advertised what you’re looking for. Good luck!

If there’s a thread missing of a sub genre, I’m sure if you asked a mod nicely they’d add another one in! :smiley:

-_- this isnt for people to share their OWN stories. it’s for them to give recommendations for stories they’ve read. thought that part was obvious to most people

MakaylaSophia’s point was that people can’t recommend their own stuff and you might find something to suit if you go look at the SYS threads. You can avoid the Paranormal romance one.


Since i’m not actually recommending my own story i’m gonna go ahead and recommend ‘Love, Liana’ by @AutumnWinters221 . I really enjoy this story and was quickly addicted to it. Definitely recommend it and feel it has the quality of all those stories that have been read a million time.

I’ve also just started this story ‘You just don’t get it’ by @clarisabet and have really been liking it so far. Great chemistry established so far that i’ve really enjoyed. That’s all I can think of so far