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*Colour Scheme:

*Person based, text based, object based:

Faceclaim: (if eligible.)

Dominant Image: (if eligible.)

*Details: (be detailed)


Anything else:

Published or not? (If not, please state your plan of publication):



Text: (if eligible.)

*Your GIFS or faceclaims:

*Important symbolisms:

Anything else:

Please complete payment only after I accept. The deadline to collect your delivery is a week. Thank you for requesting!


1. @EncryptedWriting - cover

2. @dslix - cover & gif banner

3. @Heavenlyhash333 - gif banner


Quick GIF Tutorial:


Beta Examples of Trailer

Beta Examples, I still need a lot of practice before making them available for service.



The thread is strangely lenghthened, welp.



OMGGG, I just joined here and was browsing around for graphic, didn’t expect to see you here! (The thread is snatched tho)

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Thank you! Glad to see you here. You’ll request? :3

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Yep! I want a GIF banner, but I have to dig for inspo, i’ll be back in a few hours or so. >.<

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oh yes sorry for that and please go wild with your ideas bring out your creativity and I will complete the payment in a minute :blush::blush:

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I just completed the payment and I am super excited to see what you are going to come up with :slight_smile:

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@loltales Please tell me whether you’d be using it, otherwise it will be turn a premade. If you do, please PM me and I will give you the direct link. Thank you for requesting!


Your covers are boss!

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Hi, good day to you!
Here’s my form:

*Title: Viscera
*Author: HOSAM_MZ
Subtitle/quotations: Who are we killing?
*Genre: Horror, zombie apocalypse
*Colour Scheme: Red (bloody)
*Person based, text based, object based: Person based = zombies, youth police officer
*Details: Some zombies in a desert ground along a highway eating a living screaming man (try to be as gruesome as possible, like by showing his severed limbs or his cut stomach) in a horrific way while a country cop is watching that from a distance in despair holding a handgun.
*Inspo: Ammm… I have no idea what this could be can you explain?

*Title: Corrupted Perfection

*Author: Jadelyn Tran

Subtitle/quotations: When you’re at the height of perfection, what else is there to do but corrupt it?

*Genre: fantasy

*Colour Scheme: dark purple/blue/green (just anything dark :sweat_smile:)

*Person based, text based, object based: person based

Faceclaim: (if eligible.) n/a

Dominant Image: (if eligible.) n/a

*Details: (be detailed) a girl either on a throne with a crown and some magic type stuff coming out of her fingers, or her standing with a sword drawn and the sword emitting kind of a shadowy glow thing

*Inspo: n/a

Anything else: Thank you!

Thank you so much!

Inspo, are just links to covers of books on the internet that might be similar to what you are looking for.

I can kind of work with your idea, but I’m really weak to gory stuff. If you are okay with it being a little more subtle, I can accept this! :slight_smile:

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Please complete the payment while waiting for your cover. Once I’m notified that the payment is completed, you’ll be added to queue. Thank you so much for requesting!

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Yeah sure go ahead no worries
I already followed and I am reading the first chapter.
EDIT: payment done

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*Title: Kepler-168F

*Author: Anna Weckert

Subtitle/quotations: The Etta Parker Chronicles

*Genre: Science Fiction

*Colour Scheme: Electric blue, silver, white, royal purple, black.

*Person based, text based, object based: Person based

Faceclaim: (if eligible.) Zoe Kravitz

Dominant Image: (if eligible.) The faceclaim as the centre/focus.

*Details: (be detailed) Zoe Kravitz as the focus with a grim expression on her face (see image 2 for inspo). I’m not too fussy about what she’s wearing, but see inspo 3 & 4 to have some ideas - either wearing combat gear or something more fancy. I would like the background to not draw too much attention, so space, planets or darkness would work well as this story is set on another planet.

*Inspo: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Anything else: Please take any creative liberty if you have some ideas that you think will work well !

I love your work! If you accept, I might request for a matching gif banner too :slight_smile:

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