Religion, Spirituality, or Lack Thereof


Hey, this thread existed in the old Clubs Cafe for 11 Editions, so I figured it should breathe new life in the new Cafe.

Ground Rules:

  1. Be Civil. No slurs. No threats. No insulting people because you disagree with their views.

    OKAY - “I think that’s misinformed here is why…”

    RUDE, BUT OKAY - “That’s incredibly fucked up.”

    NOT OKAY - “All x-religion are stupid/evil/should die/etc”

  2. No spreading derogatory stereotypes. No islamophobia. No antisemitism. No mocking unconventional belief systems. Etc. Criticizing religion itself is fine, but keep it civil and don’t attack people based on their religious beliefs.

  3. No trying to convert people. If people express interest in exploring your religion, feel free to share, but no un-asked for proselytizing.

  4. Keep an open mind and have fun. I’m remaking this thread bc I really liked the discussions we managed to have and I think people did end up learning things about people they may not have had the opportunities to interact with offline.

Religious Opinions and Why
Don’t Accept EVOLUTION? Tell me why! [EVOLUTION DEBATE]
Religious Opinions and Why
Don’t Accept EVOLUTION? Tell me why! [EVOLUTION DEBATE]
Religious Opinions and Why



I really enjoyed reading the discussions from these threads over on the old clubs, so I’m excited to see it revived here!


Hooray, it’s back! I think @absentminded_artist is right; these types of threads allow people to interact with others and learn new things about different religions where they may not be able to irl. So yay for this existing!


How about we go around and make introductions again? I’ll start.

Hi, I’m Charlie and I’m Jewish.

I grew up Catholic with a healthy side of noncommittal shrug though I have Jewish heritage through my maternal grandmother. Since we are unable to definitively trace an unbroken maternal line (and because at some point my grandmother’s family converted to Catholicism) I chose to go through the process of conversion to be recognized as fully Jewish.

While there are some communities that would have accepted me as Jewish as-is, this path felt more “sure” to me. I currently belong to a Reconstructionist synagogue though I lean more Conservative in my personal views. “Conservative” here is a branch of Judaism and is not affiliated with the “conservative” political views.


I’ll introduce myself as well

Hello! I am Mage, And I am Buddhist

I was born into a Mormon family, but struggled in the mainly-patriarical church. After another temper tantrum thrown in Sunday school about why women couldn’t do anything, my parents began looking for other churches. I was christian for a while, and still attend a very liberal Protestant church, where there are several other Buddhist people who come there to worship, as Buddhism can be a very solitary religion.

I currently am Buddhist, though my beliefs are different from “Traditional” Buddhist views. Then again, belief is a small part of the religion.


Alright then.

Hi, I’m Sylvia and I’m Catholic

I’ve gone to a Catholic elementary school and high school, so it’s been hard for me to meet people with other religious beliefs. The farthest I’ve gotten is Jewish, which isn’t saying much. In these times, I find it hard to keep with the faith, as the Church condemns things that I find acceptable.


This is my first post on the new community forums. Guess I’ll have to get used to this style. I really enjoyed this thread on the old cafe, so this one will probably turn out cool as well.

Hello! You can call me Cole or Arynneva. I’m pandeist.

I grew up in a family that was technically Catholic, but never very devoted. Somewhat recently, I converted to deism, and then pandeism after realizing that I didn’t quite believe in the tenets of Catholicism and Christianity in general. I probably lean more towards Pantheism than Deism, but it’s not quite one or the other, so Pandeism it is.


I’ve never joined this thread before so

Hello! I’m Sophie and I’m an orthodox christian for now.

In case you have never heard of orthodox, in 1054 christians split into Catholics and Orthodox due to their differences. Main one? No pope for us. We still have Christmas and Easter, if you were wondering. Greece’s main religion is orthodox and we are pretty devoted on it, the first unchangeable rule of our constitution is exactly that.

But why did I add for now? Since always I knew going into a church I had to think innocent things and not swear in my head, for example, but I never felt the spirituality of it, you know? That is until almost a year ago I met here on Wattpad a muslim guy and he showed me about Islam without forcing it into me, he just showed me videos. Call me biased because he is my bf now, but when we were on the verge of breaking up and never speaking again I realised that yes I could continue exploring this religion even and without him in my life. It feels right, I feel the spirituality in me. But I have not converted yet.

Also I have not read the Bible except the bits we did at school and I have not read the Holy Quran either.


If you do convert to Islam, I’m glad you were able to find the spiritual connection you lacked before. What all is preventing you from converting? Are you not entirely sure yet, or is there something else? Not that you have to explain your reasoning; I’m just curious.

You remind me of myself before I converted, what with the whole “it feels right” aspect. For me, it took me a while to convert because it felt so strange to not call myself Christian. But I’m comfortable with pandeism now.


The main reasons preventing are probably two:

  • I’m not 18 yet and my parents would be the exact opposite of “okay” with me converting. My mum is very religious.
  • I have not learnt yet everything I need to know about Islam.


I hope it all goes well for you if you do!

I can understand that. There’s a lot to learn about it. There was a user on the old thread that’s Muslim and had good discussions about it. It’s really nice to read about a religion from someone so involved in it.


Thank you!

I hope muslims join the new thread too :smiley:


I’m in a weird religious-but-not-religious state of being currently.


Not sure how this works but I’ll try it

Hi. I’m Emmie. I’m Pagan I guess and a Lightworker

Went to church when I was little with the school like at end of term. Also through Brownies and Guides but never really felt it made sense. So with my love of magic and my time off school due to chronic illness that had just developed I came across lightworking and crystal healing. I’ve still got a lot to learn but I think this more me than anything else.


Really excited for this new thread!


Where has this thread been my entire life?

Hey I’m Fray, and I’m an atheist

I used to be a Scandinavian Lutheran Christian (It’s a part of the Protestant Church) I was baptised and confirmated later when I was 14. I also have family members in the “Inner Mission”.
I had too many questions and the usual approach of my priests were; don’t ask, just believe. I couldn’t do that and eventually ended up losing faith in Christianity and all other religions. I tried exploring other religions, but nothing seemed as right as well, not believing. I’m just not a spiritual person whatsoever.

I do find the historical and cultural aspects of religion super interesting and I love hearing people’s experiences with their own faith and how that has helped or influenced them.


I think, I join! :smiley:

Hi I’m Rina, and I’m a Pagan with a dualistic approach.

I was baptised in the Protestant Church and confirmated at the age of 14. But I soon found out that I don’t like a strict dogmatic religion. Expecially when someone wants to shove their believes down my throat.


This kind of stuff has always intrigued me but I’m too outside of the circles to really learn anything (it’s kinda intimidating to stick your nose in lol). Would love to hear more about how you experience energy! :smiley:


I can give you links to a YouTube channel that I follow about it if you want.

I’ve always been sensitive to peoples energy but never really understood why. Empath sort of thing with Autism it turns out. Didn’t learn till I was in my later years of high school.

I’ve possibly seen ghosts or spirits twice. Once when I moved schools so about 10 or 11.

And then when this teacher I was working with from support was in a coma in hospital after a car crash. I didn’t know he had been in the crash yet. I was shocked when I found out he was in the hospital. But when I tried to think about it I couldn’t place where he had gone when he left and I was all alone at the time I saw him. He told me things would get better soon and to take care of myself :sob: He died the next day I think.

Right now to help with all the energy around us I’ve got small tumble stones of Black Tourmaline, Rose Quartz and Amethyst in my pocket.

This is the ‘Wow Owl’ it is kind famous in the Lightworker group I’m in :sweat_smile: