Religion, Spirituality, or Lack Thereof


That’s why there should be a definite separation of the church and state. Maybe these guys did get the cake. But the whole LGBTQ+ community did lose their voice and that’s just not right.


This is sad. It should have just been seen as the caked being denied to someone who is willing to pay for them. The couple could have gotten an cake from somewhere else but what if they really liked a design that only that shop was offering? Then again, the baker should have the right to refuse a customer. Say someone was drunk and causing a scene, he should be able to refuse that customer. Now this case, according to the baker it could be wrong but when the state itself has legalized gay marriage (I don’t know the details I’m assuming it’s the same state), the state shouldn’t see it differently but as two people coming in to buy a wedding cake.


Either you discriminate no one or you discriminate everyone. I wonder how long it will take for a Christian baker use their religion to refuse to bake a cake for a Muslim weeding, or an interfaith weeding because “it is against heir religion.” Or the other way around.

At least Allucard in the Hellsing Ultimate Abridged series was sincer by saying “I hate everyone equally.”


Gay is the new Black.


I do wonder, in this case of the bakery: If only one of the customers had entered the shop, ordered a weeding cake and didn’t mention to whom he was marrying, would the baker have baked the cake?

Is the baker haunted by the many times he baked a cake to weddings that go against his religion out of ignorance?


Ignorance is bliss.


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I rest :slight_smile: I have recently had a lot of work with the foundation’s documentation I want to start, and because I have a back problem and I’m on sick leave I finally had the time and opportunity to take care of it. I’ve been postponing it for 3 years and I think it’s time to change the idea into action


Oh, my… sounds like terrible procrastination.


Yes. I always put it off later. There was always something more important that needed to be done. Yes it is how you have family and children. Then they are the most important, and the plan and your own dreams sometimes have to be moved aside.
But I do not complain that everything has its purpose and nothing happens by chance and I confirm this conviction every day.


There always is. There’s a reason I’ve sworn to never marry or have children… like the Night’s Watch.


I will not comment on this if you let me because each of us is different and has a completely different baggage of experiences that will make him known in this world.
I have a wonderful wife and wonderful kids, I’m happy because of it and I would not exchange it for anything else in the world. It is they who opened my eyes to many matters and make me want to make every day a better man every day. They give me motivation and willingness to do what I do.
But these are my feelings. Maybe something or someone will someday make you change your mind. One thing I know: Never say never;)


Yeah, and that should be life’s goal: to be happy. Sorry if I offended you. We should all do what we love.


I am not offensive: I can say that in 5 years my religious and spiritual life has been on my head, and the point of looking at everything has changed radically.
After that, he’s saying that everyone is different and has a look at the world and life, and that’s good until he harms anyone


I see, that’s true.