Religion, Spirituality, or Lack Thereof


Just to clarify the issue, because like many things, it is being referred to incorrectly. The win was because of the way the Colorado commission referred to the baker’s beliefs. It was because of their comments that the case went to the baker.

The issue of discrimination was not actually addressed in this court case.

Baker refusing gay wedding cake


What I’m saying is not that they make a conscious decision only to be okay with things they’re ignorant of, but if they don’t know about it then it can’t possibly bother them therefore they probably wouldn’t think twice.

They observe their religious beliefs either way, but if someone makes it clear that the service they desire goes against their religious belief they’re more likely to object than if the other person says nothing and the baker doesn’t know any better.


(I don’t know if the baker did this) but I have seen many places that reserve the right to refuse anyone. Or places that will reserve the right to refuse people based on stuff like indecency (not wearing shoes) stuff like that.


They may not have hidden it, it just may have never come up before. Previous gay customers may have possibly not said anything or not overly wanted anything that pointed to that, therefore the baker wouldn’t know. If someone came in asking for a wedding cake but didn’t specify much, even if the baker asked (which usually I’ve seen them ask about decor and color and flavor, not the occasion, but I also don’t have much experience with wedding cakes.) then the baker wouldn’t have any reason to say anything because to them, there’s nothing to say anything about.


Agreed, I need to get out of this before it ruins my mental health again.

Apologies for all the comments, I just saw this now.


I understand what you mean. I do not intend to impose such things on anyone. This must be a conscious choice along with the consequences and responsibilities that will arise. When we are alone we only answer for ourselves when we have a family we are responsible for others.


Why do you think that LBGTQ people are better people than ordinary people ??


Come to a religion thread thinking there would be some interesting discussions only to scroll to the bottom and see that it has devolved into a political shouting match over gay wedding cakes.

Why does every religious discussion have to turn into “Religion vs The Gays”? Aren’t there far more important issues relating to religion and spirituality than the sexual behavior of 5% of the world’s population? What about the sexual behavior of the rest of the population? I work at the bridal shop, and it’s very seldom when a bride comes in for a fitting who isn’t either pregnant or the mother of two or three kids already.


Hey. One and the other is heavy. Where does it come from I have no idea, nor do I know what the LGBT environment looks like in the west. In Poland, for several years, there have been increasing short-circuits on the LGBT line - the Catholic Church (I am not a believer of either church or LGBT), you can see how each option fights for its influence. There is a saying that “if you do not know what it is all about, it’s about money”


This kind of discussion happens often because people use their religions to justify discrimination against certain groups or shame people who are different.

If you noticed, religions that don’t promote such forms of discriminations simply aren’t brought up.


Not which religions themselves raise their followers higher than other people, and even let them kill non-believers. Religion is a powerful tool to manipulate people irrespective of whether we are talking about Islam, Judeo-Christianity or Christianity. If anyone has some oil in their head, read and learn about religion as much as possible, then maybe look at the eyes.

As for discrimination, it is necessary to first explain what is and adequately to the existing situation, use this word, but the whole situation should be explained first because today it has become fashionable to accuse someone of discrimination, homophobia or anti-Semitism.


You do know there are more religions than only those three, right?


Of course, I’ve only given examples. There are also religions that teach love, respect, etc. The most :slight_smile:


Most religions teach about love and peace, how they think they can achieve that is the biggest question.

Some think that the requirements for peace are achieved when the world reaches homogeny and everyone thinks and believes the same. Others seems to flow better with accepting diversity and differences. Others by trying to negate human nature, or avoiding violence at all costs, or by connecting with the supernatural, or by accepting human nature, or… well… the list is big.


I agree with you in 10000% I am a pagan myself and the Slavic faith also speaks of love, help and much more. However, looking at what is happening in the world and what religions have the greatest influence on the situation in the world and humanity, I think that it can be combined with politics.
There are still social and educational issues and a whole lot of other things, so you can not say that only one factor works


I vote madness.
Sanity makes no sense to me anyways


Sanity is for the weak.


So, I feel kinda bad for making anyone feel uncomfortable or found the topic problematic. But I’ve thought of something new.

So we all like to learn new things, right?

Okay so my question to all of you guys is: how is an individual introduced into your religion? I know I suck at phrasing, but basically I’d like to know when someone becomes a part of your church/religion. Like in the catholic religion, you become a part of it after you get baptized and it’s often times when you’re very small.
Also, how accepting is your religion of other people converting to your religion?


Here’s my thing: I see a bunch of you left the Christian churches because they’re too strict and you believe differently than they do/did. But you can disagree with the CHURCH, as long as what you believe coincides with the Bible. I think it’s heartbreaking that Christian churches twist the teachings of the Bible into something religious and restricting. Following Jesus is so damn FREEING and I’m sorry that your churches have twisted that truth for you guys :c


Em… I whole-heartily refuse to believe eating shellfish or being gay will offend some imaginary sky daddy, that’s what it means to be an atheist.