Religion, Spirituality, or Lack Thereof


Thank you for responding!

Though, I believe the technical term is polytheistic, because pantheism is a religion where everything is sort of one with a god. Unless that term can also be used with polytheistic religions, which I don’t know about. I just know about pantheism because my own religion is somewhat based off of it.


Perhaps. I’m sure my definition of ‘religious’ is the same as yours, it’s our opinions on it that differ and it doesn’t mean mine is skewed or yours is skewed lmao.

But obviously, yeah, growing up as HUMAN is hard enough without adding external forces and extra guilt and shame where there need be none.



Yes, you are right. I fixed it in my post. I think I should go sleep now, I’m mixing all the words in my head.


hahaha yeah that happens.


I agree with you, I don’t necessarily think it’s okay to govern religions… But it would be nice if there was a way to help kids being emotionally/mentally abused in the name of love/god/religion, just the same way it would be nice to be able to help kids who are growing up in households that teach the old Nazi ways or something. :stuck_out_tongue: But there’s no way to govern what parents teach children, at this point.


I don’t understand. If our definition is the same, then we’ll see a cat as a cat. What I meant by “skewed” was that people ascribe “religious” to things that at face value which don’t fall under that definition. Religious looks different depending only on the religion its describing I think


Hmm… So you’re saying that my experiences growing up and what I’ve seen in other religious households were not religious at all?

Then why do they have that particular religion in common? :thinking:

You’ll note I did say at the beginning that not all religions are like this obviously, and no two people worship the same way and blah blah disclaimers. :stuck_out_tongue:


No i never discredited anything you said? I said if we have the same definition of religious, we both see a cat as a cat. But if you saw a fox and called it cat, I’d say “yeah there’s a lot of resemblances physically and maybe even behaviorally, but that’s a fox, not a cat.” Same I was saying people call something “religious” when it’s not even though someone could mistake it because of similarities…

And I don’t get what you mean by "Then why do they have that particular religion in common? "


Is Godwin’s law still a meme


Lmao, I had to google that. :laughing:

@Hijabi-Soldier My bad, then, I guess I misunderstood you.


I don’t mean to judge your parents, but this might have something to do with parenting, not religion. The bible even says “man and woman are made equal”. Maybe your parents just used religion as a tool to manipulate you.


No, my parents follow the teachings of the church and my friends and other church members were treated the same and taught the same. I don’t make my conclusions based on personal child abuse experiences and my parents (may my dad rest in peace) were not deliberately manipulative.

Like I said, it all stems from love and wanting the best for your kids.

And also, FYI, you said “I don’t mean to judge your parents” and then promptly did. :stuck_out_tongue:


I am Christian. I guess I’m a little Catholic and a lot of Lutheran because my mom’s family is Lutheran and my dad’s family is Catholic. I was baptized and confirmed as Lutheran but I’ve attended both types of churches. I don’t really agree with some of the Catholic beliefs - they rub me the wrong way.

Every Tuesday, I attend BSF (bible study fellowship) with my mom in a nearby town. I enjoy it a lot. It’s for Christians of all denominations. I’ve learned a lot and I really like the women there.

For a Christian, I probably don’t pray enough but I usually pray right before bed. I go by the ACTS method that I learned; A - Admiration/attributes (praising or compliment God - ex. “God is strong and loves us very much!”), C - Confess my sins (note them, say sorry, ask for help to do better), T - Thanksgiving (say all the things I’m thankful for), and S - Supplication (pray for myself and others.)

In short, I believe in God and His son, Jesus. I believe that Jesus died to save us from our sins, I believe that He will come again, and I believe that God and Jesus love us all very much.

If you have any questions, I’ll do my best to answer them.


I still think it’s a more personal thing tho. Like my family is very religious, but doesn’t make masturbating a bad thing. Especially for boys cuz the doctor recommends it. We are also never forced to follow the “rules” of the church. If we were ever to change religion or it turns out one of us is gay, our parents would support us regardless because love is what our religion teaches us.


Yes as others have mentioned, Hinduism doesn’t have any missionary works as such. Nor is anyone required to be part of an organization that promotes Hinduism.

These organizations are usually headed by saints and the volunteers. They hold poojas during festival/auspicious days and gatherings to talk about anything specific. Last week my family went to one such meeting where a saint from India had come to talk about the Bhagavad gita. Now there are some families that are actively part of these organization and some aren’t, like mine. My father gives more value to praying to god rather than go after saints and sort of worship them, because they say saints are much closer to god and your prayers will be heard faster if you worship through them. eye roll Then again it’s up to you to believe or not. Even if it’s my dad’s personal opinion, he doesn’t refuse if mom wants to visit such places.

So such organizations hold these gatherings in many parts of the world so anyone can attend and join in if they want. Personally I am not aware of any people converting to Hinduism because I am not too involved in it but I don’t see a problem if they do.


Personally, my religion didn’t lead to my sef esteem issues. Possible mental health issues did, but not religion. As a Christian I was reminded all my life that I’m beautiful and unique and loved. I don’t have to fit a picture perfect image to know that. God loves me for who I am and He doesn’t look at physical appearance, He looks at my heart. Even so, He created me, which I was always told, makes me beautiful in His eyes.

I’ve never felt lesser than men. Unique, yes. I have different skill sets and a brain thats wired differently and a body that’s structured differently so I can perform tasks men can’t, and there are some tasks men can perform that I can’t. Doesn’t make me less than a man, I just have my own unique skill set. (Again, my personal experience)

About the priests, again, we don’t have a priest, so I don’t know about that. As far as preaching, not being able to preach doesn’t make me feel lesser. It’s actually a relief I don’t feel obligated to do that. I have plenty of teaching opportunities open to me and I love them.


Just curious, what’s it like being kinda Catholic kinda Lutheran? I don’t think I’ve heard of a mix kind of like that before, it sounds interesting. :slight_smile:


Awesome Baroque architecture is something I know they have in common


I know little of architecture, but I love some of the buildings from the Baroque period :blush:


The Catholic Church liked Baroque, and the Lutheran Church did too, back in the, er, baroque era. Unfortunately, the Calvinists (and the British) did not, which is sad.