Religion, Spirituality, or Lack Thereof


Yeah, tis sad.

I love Gothic architecture too, though.


Gothic was pretty great


As to how much you family affects your religious view, I would say it’s a lot.

I know of a friend’s friend who is christian, part of a small conservative branch, I don’t know which so I’m not generalizing. His family is very strict with beliefs and taught him from a young age about it. Only after entering collage and making friends did he realize that what he was taught was extreme. Some of the things that they believe in were that, if they got hurt/sick, they never go to a hospital but pray to god instead. And he was told not to talk to girls because they were evil. He had never gone to the movies or watched television till then. He hasn’t converted, just ease up on the restrictions as far as I’ve heard.


This is something I definitely think should be suppressed


Yeah, I think it’s important for kids to at least be taught that they can study on their own (personally I think they should) because their beliefs may not match up exactly with their parents on secondary and tertiary things in faith. I personally can’t say I agree with everything my parent’s believe, but it doesn’t affect the core of my faith, and through searching and finding my own understanding I feel like I’ve strengthened my faith.


Yes, even when others tried to reason that god is sending help via doctors to help you, he wouldn’t listen.


Aren’t there, like, human healers in the Bible? I’m sure there are or something. Shouldn’t that show that God in Christianity intends for human doctors?


Yes. There has been a lot of cases where Hindu children where gathered to be taught about Christianity so that they would convert. That’s the kind of thing I’m against. Be it enforcing whichever religion. They should be given the freedom to choose their religion. And their choice respected. But when is the big question?


I think it was more along the lines of not damaging the body that’s given by god. It’s something I heard of secondhand so I don’t know a lot of details while my friend was the one directly dealing with him.


I sometimes have a problem with my seriousness


Interesting! Thank you for the response!


I’m pretty sure there’s a biblical story about this where a man is offered help out of a flood over and over again but he doesn’t take it, saying God will save him. And when he dies, God tells him that He did try to help him, and that was through pointing others in the right direction and whatnot. I remember that story being shared a lot when I was growing up. It seems weird to me that some Christians deny help from other humans, even though that is one way God can help you.


As he wrote from the Great Polish poets, “My church is where God’s inspiration flows, not where beams and stones”


I’m not sure what shellfish has to do with anything tbh.


The Bible says eating shellfish is immoral.


Did you research the text that said that because it’s most likely a lot more than just “don’t eat shellfish because I said so”


No, it’s simply that very thing… like with gay people.


No, actually, I did some reading up on it. Shellfish are toxic bottom feeders and it’s only getting worse because of the shit we’re putting in the ocean. So what does that tell us, God is only looking out for your health. He’s not offended for himself, he just wants you to be healthy. And I won’t go into the gay thing becasue you won’t even pretend to take into consideration what I have to say.


Yep, cause today people totally don’t eat shellfish.

Okay, go on. Tell me what you want to say.


I don’t want to say anything because I’ll get another response like that.