Removing authors own "reads"



Heya. I like to keep track of how many actual reads of my work that I have OTHER THAN MY OWN. But to my dismay, Wattpad doesn’t differentiate between my own reads and actual readers. Every time I edit my work and republish, I get a new read from myself.

I think it makes more sense for Wattpad not to includes reads by the author in the number of reads.

Reading problem

Yes, please! Totally agree. I’ve never understood the self-read.


Agreed. That and self voting too. I’ve always found that odd. Even self reads when replying to comments is odd.

Not to mention counting yourself as a unique reader too. That happens…


Yea I was wondering about this same thing.

Of course there is a simple read all other sites seem to do: not actually direct the other to the published page once its published.

It’s not as bad as trying to sell the writer their own book, but it’s right up there.


Yes! I remember on my old account (that is when I actually had published works) I was avoiding to go back to my book. I’d see someone leaving serial comments while reading and I’d wait until I was sure they finished reading the chapter to reply to those comments because I didn’t want to influence the reads count more than I had to.

I’d like to see how many people actually read my chapters, not how many times I went back to edit/reply to comments/check something.


Also with this, when we go in to reply to a comment, not only is it counted as another read, but it also affects the Engagement stats, showing reduced Completed Reads by Part.

Ironically, chapters with more comment responses and reader interaction have lower engagement. :roll_eyes: :thinking:


Just wanted to say I agree and this has GOT to change.


I agree with everyone else. It seems to me like a way for writers to game the system and become Wattpad stars simply by “reading” their own stories, and that’s unfair. (ノ_<、)


Its unfair that’s for sure and it makes people happy when they get reads, but then realise its them checking their story :frowning_face:


I 100% agree with this and think that it should be changed because there’s probably some authors (myself included) that get excited/happy that their stories are being read - only to find out that they’re the ones contributing to the read count themselves. :frowning:


Yeah, that actually happens on too, they can’t tell the difference between you and someone else.


eh it’s hard to do for this kind of site and it’d probably result in more bugs / not counting real reader’s reads


That is the only downside to wattpad tbh. GET THIS FIXEDDD


woah chill with the caps


wym? its irritating. like why did they even think of self-reads to begin with?


lol i’m just saying it’s not gonna make a difference if you use all caps. it’s just annoying

it’s not that they thought of it, either. it has to do with the programming and the code. it’s hard to alter it to only register reads to guests / other accounts. if it glitches out, it might not register your actual readers

that would suck more imo


true true


Why was this even allowed from the start? Wattpad should be counting unique readers only.


lmao it’s not purposefully allowed. it’s just hard to process through the individual coding strands. yeesh


I’ve never gotten more than one self read per chapter. Is this on mobile or Computer?