Removing authors own "reads"



Is editing can give u a self-read? I thought its only when u ‘view as a reder’ :neutral_face:


Yes its from u when u reply to comments.


Its not even accurate. I think.


I didnt. I think i have a solid 5 voters. They vote every chapters i published. Others, only a silent as midnight.


I thought editing is not one of those. Only replying to comment & view as a reader.


I think editing is included. That’s why there’s already views collecting on the chapter before you publish. And when I edit, it adds another read.


Before i publish is always zero. Idk. I think wattpad must address that too. :confused::confused::confused:


I agree. For several of my published works, I’d get a number of reads so much more than I was expecting and be confused. For about three hours I was insanely happy until I remembered how much I had gone back and edited, read through of mistakes, etc. It’s rather infuriating and has got to change.


Honestly, I’m not sure… I feel it can because even when I ONLY edit and I never view the chapter in reading mode, my reads go up anyway.


Well, it sucks! Wp need a big remodelling of their bot. Another thing is the placing of category. Everything is all over the place.

But they are too busy with featuring blah blah! :anguished::anguished:


I agree. And for crying out loud…they can change their logo but we’ve still waited many years for a “don’t recommend this again” button on the discover page. It shouldn’t be that hard to add one.

Where are the changes the people actually ask for?


Exactly, I am very new to wattpad and I mean less than 24hrs new and still trying to figure out how things. I opened my work a couple to times to edit and noticed the increase in numbers. I was surprised to see 4 reads but quickly noticed they were all mine. It would be nice to get some sort of vote or petition on wattpad. Let the majority win and I guess we all know what I’m voting for. Anyway, I am Dewade. Nice to be here.


Welcome to Wattpad and to the clubs!


I agree


I 100% agree with this.


This feature has always made me SO confused. I never got the reason behind it. “An author’s checking out their own work. Let’s give them a read for it!” Why…why reads for your own book?


I never realized how annoying it was to have my own “reads” be counted until now. I always get excited to see that some people chose to read my story, only to realize it was me because after editing the chapter and publishing the changes, WP took me to the chapter.


One side of me agrees with removing authors own reads, however, the vain side of me doesn’t… Because I’m pretty sure all the reads on my story are my own. :sweat_smile:


It would make sense if it wasn’t a feature to have author reads in. Personally its kind of like, “Hey, I’m getting reads on my new work. Oh wait… that’s me checking for errors and automatically viewing when I publish a new chapter.”


Does is take Wattpad a long time to fix issues like this? This has been a known issue for a long time.