Removing authors own "reads"

I disagree, too. It helps draw attention to those of us who don’t get noticed, so it heightens the chance of others reading it when they see others like it, too. I’m barely getting readers; then again, I haven’t finished a single story I’ve started. Lol.

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Idk. But they said even if it adds read, it won’t affect ranking. Even you voted in your book, it won’t affect your ranking. That’s what I’ve read in some wp oldie people. So i guess. That’s it. Its fine to me.

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Considering how often I go back to edit my chapters, I’ll end up giving myself 1M reads and becoming a star on my own merit. :joy:

That being said, I like the idea someone previously mentioned about a possibility to separate the views generated by ourselves and those by others.


I agree!! It doesn’t translate a true feedback!

I totally agree as I have already said, and for some related reasons I have lost some interest in publishing here.

Same problem here, it’s always so confusing. I would love to see only the actual readers instead of looking at my reads and thinking “How many of them was actually me?”.

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I had no idea you could vote for your own work.

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Thanks for this! I couldn’t figure out why my count kept going up with no feedback. I agree, it shouldn’t be set up that way.

I agree and if you want read my new story

Agreeeed! Wattpad gotta fix that. I want to see real views from readers, not edit views from me.

I 100% agree with what you said. But what I think wattpad should do is show us who our readers are. I think I should know this partly ties on with what you said, but also I really just want to know who the hell has been reading my story. I recently started Wattpad so I don’t get so many views on my book. So just by getting 2 or 3 reads on my book excites me… The problem is I get 0 likes or comments on them which puts me in a land of wonder.

SAME HERE!!! I’d love to see who my readers are!

I agree. I know my views will drop down to 1 or 2 reads but I would still like to know the real number. I’ll check out your story to support!:smile:

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! I agree,This annoys me, too.

i sorta agree but at the same time i feel like my ego would be utterly crushed so…

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A. G. R. E. E. D.

I support this.
As a new writer, I was happy to see that I had a read or two on my chapters, then I realised that that was just myself viewing my story after I had published it, which disheartened me a bit.


As far as voting for my own stories goes, I usually pick 2 of my chapters maximum that I’m really proud of and vote on those. One is usually the first chapter, but not always.

Are you calling YA romance crappy content? Because dude, no. Romance is the best genre there is.

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I saw that most and kind of did the “:expressionless:” face.


(unless you write Romance/Ten/Fantasy/YA/NA, which is obviously about 80% of the readership on Wattpad. It’s a shame actual good content never gets noticed)

I’m a little tired of seeing this. Frustration is valid. This is ugly.

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